Featured People


  • Natalie Khazaal

    Current Job:  Assistant Professor of Arabic and Arab Culture

    "Students are such an inspiration to faculty when they do things they are truly passionate about."

  • Satomi Suzuki-Chenoweth

    "As I love language-learning myself, I enjoy my work the most when I can pass on my knowledge and experience to students as language-learning can serve to see the world from a perspective other than one’s own."

  • Yi-Hsien Stephanie Ho

    "I love teaching beginners and enjoy leading the learners to experience a new culture and language."


  • Angela Howard

    Degree:  B.S. IAML-Russian

    "I chose my language track based on a small interest, but I’ve chosen to stay in my language because of these deeper experiences that the language facilitated."

  • Jasmine Sampson

    Degree:  B.S. ALIS-Korean

    "My advise to new students is to not be afraid to talk to the advisors. They are there to listen and help you with anything you need."

  • Jocelyn Guerrero

    Degree:  B.S. IAML-French

    "My degree is unique and allows me to gain an in-depth knowledge of topics in the United States, French-speaking countries, and Spanish-speaking countries, which will distinguish me as a candidate for jobs in the future."

  • Jonas Chan

    Degree:  B.S. ALIS-Spanish and pre-med

    "Learning a language truly opens your eyes to a different perspective. The ability to speak to someone else in a different language is so rewarding."


  • Abby Garland

    Degree:  B.S. ALIS-French 2019
    Current Job:  Customer Success Manager, Calendly

    "Studying abroad with the French LBAT program was one of the coolest experiences throughout my time at GT and definitely one of the best things for my language skills."

  • Daniela Galvez Sghiatti

    Degree:  B.S. ALIS
    Current Job:  First Grade Dual Immersion Teacher at the Dual Immersion Academy in Salt Lake City

    "Knowing a second language and being able to recognize and understand different people and cultures are important skills. I strive to make sure my students understand that and that they feel that their differences are to be celebrated."

  • Eboni Goar

    Degree:  M.S. Global Media and Cultures
    Current Job:  Study Abroad Program Planning and Administration Representative at Yume-Kana Ryugaku in Tokyo

    Eboni graduated with an M.S. in Global Media and Cultures in 2022. Now, she lives in Tokyo, where she helps Japanese students study abroad.

  • Jessica Kline

    Degree:  B.S. IAML-Spanish
    Current Job:  Mass Violence and Atrocities Associate Program Officer, Stanley Center for Peace and Security, Iowa

    Jessica is an associate program officer at the Stanley Center for Peace and Security.

  • Keerthi Ramachandran

    Degree:  B.S. ALIS-German, M.S. GMC-German
    Current Job:  Content Acquisitions Specialist (International Programming)/Sling TV

    "One of the most valuable parts of the GMC program was getting to take classes with people from various backgrounds who were studying different languages."

  • Meagan Clem Martz

    Degree:  B.S. IAML-Japanese
    Current Job:  Senior Associate Director of Principal Gifts International at The Carter Center

    "While I only majored in one of the languages used where I work, I’ve been able to use the skills that I’ve learned to pick up the phrases I need in other countries and to understand the ways business etiquette varies from place to place."

  • Meg Carver

    Degree:  B.S. LMC 2021, M.S. GMC 2022
    Current Job:  Educational Outreach Coordinator, Georgia Tech-Europe

    "The three key skills from college that have helped me succeed in my current role are communication, design, and creativity. I rely on them every day, using them together to ensure that my work is enjoyable and high-quality."

  • Tabatha Pilgrim Thompson

    Degree:  B.S. IAML-Spanish 2011
    Current Job:  Director of partnerships and outreach at The Horizons Project

    Winner of the 2022 Distinguished Alumni Award for the School of Modern Languages.

  • Teresa Flynn

    Degree:  B.S. IAML-Japanese, minor in International Business, Language, and Culture
    Current Job:  Program Coordinator at the Office of Special Scholarships at Georgia Tech

    "The coolest part of my work is interfacing with current students within the Office of Special Scholarships. I really enjoy working and interfacing with students, and mentoring has been such a great part of my job that I’m able to offer to our scholars."


  • Nicholas Platt

    Current Job:  Academic and Research IT Support Engineer

    "Take advantage of the Language for Business and Technology (LBAT) programs that Modern Languages offers. Nothing can replace traveling and experiencing other cultures."