Master of Science in Applied Languages and Intercultural Studies

The Master of Science in Applied Languages and Intercultural Studies (M.S. ALIS) is one of the first professional master’s degrees in foreign language and cultural studies in the United States with concentrations in French, German, Japanese, and Spanish. It emphasizes the real-world professional applications of language for a wide range of career paths, from communications and non-profit to business, engineering, and medicine in only 30 credit hours.

In addition to rigorous training in advanced-level language and cross-cultural communication, students have the opportunity to go abroad to study, do research, and complete for-credit internships. Students graduate with a professional portfolio in the language of concentration, positioning them to pursue a range of internationally oriented career paths.

The M.S. ALIS is also available as a five-year coterminal B.S./M.S. for Georgia Tech B.S. ALIS majors. Learn more about the B.S./M.S. ALIS.


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Program of Study

To graduate, students must earn 30 credit hours at the 6000 level and present a professional portfolio in the target language that demonstrates advanced-level competence in the language and culture of focus (completed in LANG 6503: Professional Portfolio during the final semester of study). The M.S. ALIS can be completed in 3 semesters or part-time.

Fall (12+ credits)Spring (12+ credits)Summer (6 credits)
Theory and Foundations (ML)Professional Portfolio (ML)Language Electives including: MS Internship, MS Practicum, MS Thesis, MS Project
Language Elective (Fr/Gr/Jp/Sp)Intercultural Seminar (Fr/Gr/Jp/Sp) 
Language Elective (Fr/Gr/Jp/Sp)Language Elective (Fr/Gr/Jp/Sp) 
Language Elective (Fr/Gr/Jp/Sp)Language Elective (Fr/Gr/Jp/Sp) 

Required Courses

Our core curriculum emphasizes proficiency, perspectives, and professionalization. It is designed to help students hone their professional-level language, master the ability to navigate between cultural systems, and apply these skills toward the next step in their career.

  • Theory and Foundations (ML 6501, 3 credits): Theoretical knowledge and its practical applications in key areas of culture, literature, media, and linguistics studies.
  • Intercultural Seminar (FREN/GRMN/JAPN/SPAN 6500, 3 credits): Applies cross-cultural research and reflection toward the discussion of current issues in the language and culture of focus.
  • Professional Portfolio (FREN/GRMN/JAPN/SPAN 6503, 3 credits): Students prepare a professional portfolio in the target language, which includes job application materials and work samples and which connects their coursework to the next step in their career.

Experiential Courses

The opportunity to apply cultural knowledge in practice is a signature of our program. Experiential courses are project-based electives designed in collaboration with a faculty advisor. They are not required to graduate.

  • Applied Language Practicum (FREN/GRMN/JAPN/SPAN 6510) – co-design and co-teach an advanced undergraduate course (3000-4000 level)
  • Applied Language Practicum Abroad (FREN/GRMN/JAPN/SPAN 6511) – Co-design and co-teach part of Georgia Tech’s signature study abroad, Language for Business and Technology
  • Internship Abroad (FREN/GRMN/JAPN/SPAN 6695U) – complete an internship in the target language
  • Research Assistantship (FREN/GRMN/JAPN/SPAN 6698U) – conduct graduate research with faculty
  • Graduate Research (FREN/GRMN/JAPN/SPAN 6699) – conduct independent research un the U.S. or abroad
  • M.S. Project (FREN/GRMN/JAPN/SPAN 6998, 1-9 credits)
  • M.S. Thesis (FREN/GRMN/JAPN/SPAN 7000, 3-6 credits)

Georgia Tech Undergraduates: The Graduate Course Option is available to all Georgia Tech students to double-count 6 credit hours of their undergraduate degree toward graduate degree requirements. Learn more about the Graduate Course Option.

Degree Requirements

30 credit hours at the 6000+ level:

  • 9 credits of MS-ALIS required core courses
    • ML 6501. Theory/Foundations [English], 3 credits
    • FREN/GRMN/JAPN/SPAN 6500. Intercultural Seminar [Language], 3 credits
    • ML 6503. Professional Portfolio [English], 3 credits
  • 21 credits at the 6000+ level

Individualization Guidelines

This degree is adaptable to students’ needs, interests, and goals. Each student’s course of study will be designed in communication with faculty advisors, according to the following guidelines:

  • The course of study should indicate an area of specialization that applies language expertise to a particular thematic or disciplinary field.
  • Students may count up to 3 credit hours of 6000+ level coursework from another School toward the degree.
  • Students may count up to 12 credits of Experiential Courses toward the degree.


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