Linguistics at Tech is an interdisciplinary program with courses offered through the School of Modern Languages, the School of Psychology, and the School of Interactive Computing.

The Linguistics program connects studies of the physical structures and mental processes involved in human language; the psychological and social factors that enable humans to acquire, use, comprehend and produce language; and the application of computer science to the analysis of text. The program is designed for undergraduates who will enter a wide range of careers, such as language education, educational design, language technology, human/computer interaction, and more!

Our energetic community also hosts a series of invited speakers every year (please email Dr. Lelia Glass to join our mailing list).

Faculty and students (including undergraduate collaborators) are involved in exciting research projects -- including heritage languages, Southern accents, code-switching among bilingual people, language change on social media, computer-written stories, and more. Please reach out if you want to get involved!

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Programs of Study

To earn a Minor in Linguistics, students must complete 15 credit horus of approved courses. To earn a Certificate in Linguistics, students must complete 12 credit hours of approved courses. These programs involve an introductory course in Linguistics as well as a number of electives from among the participating schools. 

These programs can serve as a "cluster" in the ALIS (Applied Language & Intercultural Studies) major, or as a compelling complement to the study of psychology, literature/communication, or computing.

    Faculty and Collaborators

    School of Interactive Computing

    • Dr. William E. Underwood, Principal Research Scientist. Georgia Tech Research Institute (ITTL)
    • Dr. Charles Isbell, Professor, School of Interactive Computing. Senior Associate Dean
    • Dr. Diyi Yang, School of Interactive Computing, Assistant Professor
    • Dr. Mark Riedl, School of Interactive Computing, Associate Professor

    School of Psychology

    • Dr. Dan Spieler, Associate Professor

    School of Modern Languages

    • Dr. Kyoko Masuda, Associate Professor (Japanese and Linguistics)
    • Dr. Cecilia Montes-Alcala, Associate Professor (Spanish and Linguistics)
    • Dr. Jin Liu, Associate Professor (Chinese and Linguistics)
    • Dr. Yongtaek Kim, Associate Professor (Korean and Linguistics)
    • Dr. Lelia Glass, Visiting Assistant Professor (Linguistics)
    • Dr. Satomi Suzuki-Chenoweth, Lecturer (Japanese and Linguistics)
    • Dr. Seung-Eun Chang, Lecturer (Korean and Linguistics)
    • Dr. Viola Green, Teaching Postdoc (French and Linguistics)
    • Dr. Sandra McGury, Teaching Postdoc (German and Linguistics)
    • Dr. Rumiko Shinzato-Simons, Professor (Japanese and Linguistics) - Emerita
    • Dr. Angela Labarca, Professor (Spanish and Linguistics) - Emerita