Linguistics is the scientific study of language.  Linguists endeavor to understand the nature of human language by examining its underlying structures, from the smallest units, such as phonemes in human speech, to much larger properties such as the ways in which people use language in society.  Studying linguistics not only satisfies your academic interests but is also beneficial to your career paths in many ways.  Currently, we offer a Linguistics Certificate Program (12 credits) with two different tracks: Track A, General Linguistics; and Track B, Language Processing.

Faculty and Collaborators

College of Computing

  • Dr. William E. Underwood, Principal Research Scientist. Georgia Tech Research Institute (ITTL)
  • Dr. Jacob Eisenstein, Assistant Professor, School of Interactive Computing
  • Dr. Charles Isbell, Professor, School of Interactive Computing. Senior Associate Dean

College of Psychology

  • Dr. Dan Spieler, Associate Professor. 
  • Dr. Jenny L. Singleton, Professor

School of Modern Languages

  • Dr. Rumiko Shinzato-Simons, Professor (Japanese and Linguistics)
  • Dr. Angela Labarca, Professor (Spanish and Linguistics)
  • Dr. Kyoko Masuda, Associate Professor (Japanese and Linguistics)
  • Dr. Cecilia Montes-Alcala, Associate Professor (Spanish and Linguistics)
  • Dr. Jin Liu, Associate Professor (Chinese and Linguistics)
  • Dr. Yongtaek Kim, Associate Professor (Korean and Linguistics)
  • Dr. Satomi Suzuki-Chenoweth, Lecturer (Japanese and Linguistics)   
  • Dr. Wei Wang, Teaching Postdoc (Chinese and Linguistics)
  • Dr. Viola Green, Teaching Postdoc (French and Linguistics)  

Linguistics Main Contact

Linguistics Academics