Georgia Tech - St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University Russian Scholarships

Scholarship Advertising PosterWhat do GT-SPbSTU scholarships cover?

The SPbSTU scholarships cover tuition and dormitory fees for one semester or one year of study at St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University

What are the prerequisites?

Students must be on track to complete at least RUSS 2002 or an equivalent course in Russian by the spring prior to participation in the program. Third-year Russian or participation in the LBAT is recommended.

What other qualities should the successful applicant possess?

The successful applicant will have strong language aptitude, a record of academic excellence in their major, and a strong desire to complete the program. Prior experience living or traveling abroad or other evidence of successfully adapting to new and challenging situations is a plus.

What does the program of study encompass?

During June-July preceding study at SPbSTU, students optionally participate in the Russian LBAT program. A three-week bridge program in technical Russian can be arranged during August preceding the start of the program.

During the first semester, students typically take the following courses:

  • Advanced Russian language
  • An elective in social science or humanities
  • One to two courses in the student's major discipline OR additional Russian language and auditing of a course in the major discipline

During the second semester, the student will be expected to take at least two courses in the major discipline.

What can I expect to get out of the program?

  • Professional quality Russian language skills
  • Experience in international team-building/problem-solving
  • Experience learning your discipline as it is taught in Russia at one of the country's top institutions
  • Connections to Russian students and faculty
  • International Plan designator
  • Credit toward the ALIS, IAML, or GEML majors, as well as credit in other disciplines at Tech.
  • A life-changing experience abroad

What will the living arrangement be for my stay in Russia?

Living arrangements are in the dormitory with native-speaker roommates.

What disciplines are invited to apply?

Most disciplines can be accommodated.  Contact Stuart Goldberg for specifics.

What is the deadline for the application?

The deadline for application for the scholarship is Feb. 7.  The deadline for application for study abroad is Feb. 15.

How do I apply?

  1. Complete the GT-SPbSTU scholarship application and return it to Stuart Goldberg.  We will give feedback on the viability of your application before step 2. 
  2. Complete the official Georgia Tech application for study abroad.