Languages: Japanese



Japanese, spoken by 127 million people, is one of the major languages in the world. Japan has proven to be not only resilient in overcoming devastating natural disasters in recent history, but also continues to be a leader in world economy and future-oriented technology.  The Japanese program at Georgia Tech is fully engaged in developing global leaders in the field of science, engineering, computer science, international affairs, media and communication, among others.

The Japanese Program offers three BS degrees, a minor, and a certificate.  Our courses range from Elementary to Advanced Japanese including content-based courses in literature, popular culture (such as anime and songs), history of SNS development, critical readings in Japanese, technical and business translation, 3D-content development in Japanese using Second Life, and Japanese linguistics.  We also offer a summer study abroad program (LBAT in Japan). First and second-year Japanese are also available as voice-based synchronous online courses.

The Japanese program offers four years of Japanese. During the first five semesters (2.5 years), students learn four basic skills in Japanese:  speaking, listening, reading and writing, with more emphasis on conversation skills.  Students can accelerate this timeline by taking online courses in summer semesters.  After finishing JAPN 2002, students are eligible to take a summer intensive study abroad program (LBAT - Language for Business and Technology), in which they spend ten weeks studying in Japan.  We also offer accelerated Japanese courses which combine two courses (e.g., JAPN 1002 + 2001) in one semester during fall and spring semesters.  After finishing JAPN 3001, students are ready to take most upper-level courses (3000-level and 4000-level) which are primarily content-based courses.

Our target language proficiency reached in four years is Intermediate-Low/Mid on the ACTFL scale.  Participating in study and/or work abroad programs is highly recommended to reach this level of proficiency and beyond.  Georgia Tech has exchange programs with several universities in Japan (See below).  You can also apply for international internships in Japanese corporations for six months to a year.  Study or internship abroad is a requirement for ALIS majors (See below).  IAML and GEML students are also encouraged to study or internship abroad.  These international experiences can also be used toward the International Plan. The combination of language proficiency, intercultural competence, and international experiences provides students with a distinct advantage in employment opportunities and a stronger grounding in science and technology.

Programs of Study

Majors in Japanese

Minors and Certificates in Japanese

To earn a Japanese certificate or minor, students need 12 or 15 credits respectively beyond JAPN 2001. To accelerate progress toward a minor or certificate, students can participate in the LBAT Japan program (see below). Japanese courses are also available as part of the minors in East Asian Studies; International Business, Language, and Culture; and Linguistics.

Study Abroad

The Japan Language for Business and Technology (LBAT) is an intensive, immersive summer program in Japan. The prerequisite for participating in LBAT is JAPN 2002 (JAPN 3001 is preferred).  During LBAT, students can earn 9-12 credits of 3000-level Japanese in ten weeks. In addition to intensive classroom instruction led by Georgia Tech faculty, the program includes fieldwork projects and professional site visits to private companies and government/research institutions to experience business practices firsthand and understand current technological and socioeconomic issues facing the country.

Exchange Programs in Japan