B.S in International Affairs and Modern Languages (IAML)

In partnership with the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs, the School of Modern Languages offers a Bachelor of Science in International Affairs and Modern Languages (IAML) with separate language concentrations in Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish. 

Our degree recognizes that the world calls for people who are culturally and linguistically competent in serving in international roles, in addition to their knowledge of international affairs. Through a combination of in-depth knowledge in international affairs, whether that be business, government, or non-profit, and advanced language/cultural skills, IAML graduates fulfill the needs of the international work sphere, securing their roles in the global job market. 

Consult the Georgia Tech course catalog for IAML Degree Requirements and the IAML Degree Checklist for more information.

Why a B.S. IAML at Georgia Tech?”

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More Than a Language

The B.S. IAML program is designed around cultural perspectives, global business, government knowledge, essential humanities skills, and technological innovation. With these skills, graduates are prepared for graduate and professional studies, employment in internationally oriented firms, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. Students have access to diverse faculty, a multiplicity of course offerings, and the opportunity to study abroad.

  • Develop advanced communication skills to effectively operate in a second culture.
  • Take an intercultural and interdisciplinary approach to your language concentration.
  • The opportunity to study, intern, or work abroad in the language of study, or pursue a domestic internship or research opportunity with an international organization.
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International Affairs

In addition to the cultural benefits of IAML, you will have a solid foundation in understanding global governments, businesses, and nonprofits, as well as your own capabilities and confidence within those spheres. Areas of study include global development, international security, and international affairs, science, and technology. Students will leave the program empowered to tackle some of the world’s most important challenges.

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International Experience

An international experience, either through coursework, research, or internship, is required for students in the IAML program so that each student can become more confident in their abilities and apply their studies in a real-world environment. Students are encouraged to participate in the LBAT programs offered by the School of Modern Languages or in the study abroad opportunities offered by the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs.