Languages: Russian

Master a critical need language to a professional level within the context of a four-year degree, and immerse yourself in one of the world’s richest cultures. The Russian Program offers a Bachelor of Science degree in three areas, ALIS, IAML and GEML, as well as a minor and certificate in Russian Studies.

Aspects of the Russian Program

  • On-campus courses in the Russian language through the 3rd year and content courses taught in Russian at the 4th-year level.
  • Courses in literature, culture, and film with reading and discussion in English.
  • A Minor or Certificate in Russian Studies with electives offered in Modern Languages, International Affairs, Economics, History and Sociology, and Literature, Media, and Communication.
  • The possibility of receiving your degree with the International Plan designator (reflecting a minimum of 26 weeks abroad spent in study, research or internship). The Modern Languages IP advisor is Bettina Cochran.

Summer Intensive Language Programs in Riga and St. Petersburg

Academic study abroad

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