Online Language Courses


The School of Modern Languages offers asynchronous and synchronous courses at the elementary and intermediate levels in various languages including Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, and Russian. Specific course offerings vary each semester. The schedule of classes is available on Oscar. Due to the high demand for Spanish at Georgia Tech, Spanish courses are generally not open to the public.

Individuals (non-Georgia Tech students) interested in taking language courses must first apply through Undergraduate Admission as either “Transient Students” or “Special Students." Admission does not guarantee class enrollment. If admitted, individuals may register for a class only if there are spaces available as undergraduate students have priority. Detailed information about the application process including deadlines and requirements is available via the Office of Undergraduate Admission. For those interested in the “62 and Older Program” please consult the 62 and Older Program page.

High School Students

High school students interested in taking language classes at Georgia Tech must apply through the Dual Enrollment Program. You can find detailed information about the application process on their website. Dual Enrollment is only offered during the Fall and Spring terms.

Georgia Tech Professional Education

Currently, the School of Modern Languages is not offering courses via Georgia Tech Professional Education.