Jocelyn Guerrero

Name: Jocelyn Guerrero

Major: International Affairs and Modern Languages (IAML)—French

Minor: Spanish

Anticipated Graduation Date: 2023

Hometown: Fayetteville

Favorite class: Español 4160: Identidad, memoria y movimientos migratorios: la vida dentro y fuera del guión (Living in, on and off the hyphen)

Favorite professors: Osvaldo Cleger and Brigitte Stepanov

Internships/clubs: Latin American Student Organization

Why did you choose to study French at Georgia Tech?

As a native Spanish speaker, I wanted to learn another language. I believe that learning another language gives you an insight into their culture and perspective about their way of reasoning. I chose French at Georgia Tech because I know that the classes I would take would give me the knowledge of the language and understanding of the French perspective.

What inspired you to minor in Spanish? How do you feel language skills complement your other area of study?

Given my knowledge of the Spanish language, I am very interested in continuing to take advanced classes to become knowledgeable about Spanish topics such as social, political, and economics. I have the wisdom of Hispanic-speaking countries' issues that helps me connect with others and see the differences between other countries. I feel Spanish complements my major and my future in academia perfectly.

How does a degree from Modern Languages contribute to your life plans?

Thanks to the School of Modern Languages, I found my passion of human rights. My degree is unique and allows me to gain an in-depth knowledge of topics in the United States, French-speaking countries, and Spanish-speaking countries, which will distinguish me as a candidate for jobs in the future.

What has been your biggest challenge at Georgia Tech, and how did you overcome it?

One of my biggest challenges was my first semester when I transferred to Georgia Tech. I was not ready for how much goes into being a Georgia Tech student. I adapted quickly by modifying my studying habits and being more curious about topics, and looking for further details, and since it has been great.

What is the biggest change you see in yourself now from when you started at Georgia Tech?

I am a much harder worker and more determined. I am also more passionate about my studies and more inspired by my professors and outside sources.

What is your greatest achievement since coming to Georgia Tech?

My most outstanding achievement is representing Georgia Tech in the National Model United Nations conference in Washington, D.C., and winning an accolade.

What’s your favorite spot on campus and why?

My favorite spot has to be the silent floors in the library. I can really focus on what I need to do with zero distractions is a very studious environment which I love.

What has been your favorite/most memorable moment in Modern Languages? (This does not have to be academic, it could be connecting with a professor, working on a research project, volunteer work, etc.)

My most memorable moment is attending the event about the book Black is the Journey, Africana the Name. I connected with the author Maboula Soumahoro about multicultural identity. I was inspired by her message and found many similarities in my life as a Hispanic American.

What advice would you give to incoming students in the School of Modern Languages?

My advice is always give your best effort, take advantage of the opportunities the school of Modern Languages provides, and always trust your heart.

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