Languages: German

The German Program offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Languages and Intercultural Studies (ALIS), a joint Bachelor of Science degree with International Affairs (IAML), and a joint Bachelor of Science degree with Economics (GEML).  A double major, e.g. German combined with any degree in Engineering, the Sciences, etc., is another excellent way to prepare yourself for a career in a global market place. Our goal is to bring the students an integrated experience with a focus on the applied use of the language and cultural proficiency coupled with a clearly defined Career Path Vision.

A summer LBAT program set in Berlin, München, Düsseldorf, and Weimar is also available. We also have team-taught courses in German with INTA faculty and work to maintain contact with German cultural, political, and business organizations in the Atlanta area.

We have established a study/internship program with the Technische Universität München. Engineering and Computer Science students studying German have an opportunity to study a semester at the TUM followed by a six month internship with Siemens. For more information, see the German link under Internships.

We invite you to check the Language Links section for German under Resources. There, you will find direct links to online dictionaries, grammar, business German, German history, German literature on line, book order links, instruction resources, lists of German universities, German newspapers and magazines, German servers, governmental and cultural organizations, and much more.

Why should you study German with us? Watch the video of Marek Fikejz talking about his experiences in our program!