Bachelor's of Science in Global Economics and Modern Languages (GEML)

In partnership with the School of Economics, the School of Modern Languages offers a Bachelor’s of Science in Global Economics and Modern Languages (GEML) with separate language concentrations in Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, or Spanish. Our degree recognizes that with the increasingly intertwined international markets in the 21st century, it is necessary to operate in multilingual and multicultural environments to truly thrive working in the global economy. By combining intimate knowledge of global economics with advanced language skills, GEML graduates fulfill the needs of industry and government agencies alike, solidifying their roles in the future economy. Consult the Course Catalog for GEML Degree Requirements and the GEML Degree Checklist for more information.



Why a B.S. GEML at Georgia Tech?

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More Than a Language

The B.S. in GEML program is designed around cultural perspectives, economic knowledge, essential humanities skills, and technological innovation required to participate and thrive in the current competitive global economy. Enjoy holistic knowledge offered alongside diverse faculty, a multiplicity of course offerings, and an opportunity to complete 12 credits in a cluster towards a minor.

  • Develop advanced communication skills to effectively operate in a second culture.

  • Take an intercultural and interdisciplinary approach in your language concentration.

  • Opportunity to study, intern, or work abroad in the language of study or pursue a domestic internship or research opportunity with an international organization.

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Global Economic Readiness

In addition to the cultural benefits of studying GEML, you will have a solid foundation in economics with a specialization in development or international economics. GT’s innovative School of Economics is equipping students with the best tools possible to make an impact in the global economy with a diverse group of professors and students working together.

  • Explore national economies, international markets, the global trading system, sustainable development, and the challenges facing multinational enterprises,
  • Learn how to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by global, economically interdependent, multilingual, and multicultural environments.
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Language, Business and Technology (LBAT)

Beyond multiple study abroad and exchange programs available to our students, our school is proud to offer a more specialized and immersive international education through the Language, Business and Technology (LBAT) program.

  • Dive into the culture of your language of focus while gaining site-specific knowledge on diplomacy, sustainability, business, and/or development.
  • Gain distinctive and localized perspectives and awareness that can be later applied to a variety of careers – the LBAT is designed with an overarching theme that is responsive to real-world issues.
  • Apply LBAT credits towards GEML and the International Plan. For more information visit the LBAT program page.