Bachelor's of Science in Applied Languages & Intercultural Studies (ALIS)

The School of Modern Languages offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Languages and Intercultural Studies (ALIS) with separate language concentrations in Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish. Our degree recognizes that in our globalized world, it is no longer enough to learn a new language if it is not accompanied with applicable skills for emerging industries, real-world problem-solving, and sustainable development. By coupling advanced language skills with intercultural competence, ALIS majors are positioned to work in a variety of fields across global industries. Consult the Catalog for the ALIS Degree Requirements, and the ALIS Degree Checklist for more information.



Why a B.S. in ALIS at Georgia Tech?

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More Than a Language

The B.S. in ALIS program is designed around the cultural perspectives, industry knowledge, essential humanities skills, and technological innovation required to participate and thrive in the current competitive global market. Supplemented by Georgia Tech’s nationally renowned core curriculum, this program inevitably opens a variety of career trajectories.

  • Take an intercultural and interdisciplinary approach in your language concentration, as well as gaining valuable experience in media, comparative analysis, critical awareness, and linguistics. 
  • Enjoy holistic knowledge offered alongside diverse faculty, a multiplicity of course offerings, and an opportunity to complete 18 credits in another major discipline at Tech and 12 credits in a study abroad program
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Commitment to Sustainability

Globalization today entails more than faster communication and innovation, it has influenced climate policies, revolutionized culture, and permeated across industries, disciplines, and daily life. In order to tackle some of the world's most pressing sustainability issues, it is necessary to understand them as inherently tied to globalization.

  • Gain intercultural knowledge and interdisciplinary skills which are key in order to appropriately prepare, act and respond to global issues.
  • Participate in sustainability-focused coursework, events, and opportunities, our program is equipping students with the tools required to engage with environmental, social, and economic “wicked problems" in their careers. Many of these programs are affiliated with Georgia Tech's Serve, Learn and Sustain program (learn more about SLS).
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Language, Business and Technology (LBAT)

Beyond multiple study abroad and exchange programs available to our students, our school is proud to offer a more specialized and immersive international education through the Language, Business, and Technology (LBAT) program.

  • Dive into the culture of your language of focus while gaining site-specific knowledge on diplomacy, sustainability, business, and/or development.

  • Gain distinctive and localized perspectives and awareness that can be later applied to a variety of careers - the LBAT is designed with an overarching theme that is responsive to real-world issues.

  • Apply LBAT credits towards ALIS and the International Plan. For more information visit the LBAT program page.