Bachelor of Science in Applied Languages and Intercultural Studies (ALIS)

The Bachelor of Science in Applied Languages and Intercultural Studies (ALIS) degree program delivers foreign language study in the many contexts in which other languages are spoken, including social and technical communication, cultural perspectives, industry, technology, arts and literature, media and science that will provide you with the competitive edge needed to meet 21st century language requirements of government agencies, multi-national industries, and social organizations.

The degree is offered in Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish.  See the list of ALIS Degree Requirements, the ALIS degree checklist 2016-2019 or ALIS degree checklist 2020-2021 and a sample ALIS degree completion plan for more information.

The degree provides students with options in their language concentration for applying their language and culture study within the broad content categories of industry and technology, society, and arts and media.  Students will complete a cluster or an interdisciplinary minor consisting of a minimum of 18 hours in another major discipline at Georgia Tech as well as earn at least 12 credits from an approved study abroad program through coursework in either the major language discipline or in the cluster discipline.

The content-based approach with the cluster/interdisciplinary minor and study abroad requirements distinctly separate the program at Georgia Tech from traditional US foreign language programs targeted primarily at literature and language study as ends in themselves, opening for Georgia Tech graduates wider doors to employment opportunities. Moreover, the core curriculum at Georgia Tech plus an additional technology requirement ensures that students will have a stronger grounding in science and technology than at other schools.