Languages: Chinese

Landscape of the Great Wall of China


The emergence of China in global affairs and the prospect of enormous markets in Chinese-speaking regions have made proficiency in Chinese an important criterion for those seeking to enter both public and private-sector job markets. The ability to effectively interact with the Chinese language and culture has become a must for many future leaders of technology, science, industry, business, government, and nonprofit organizations. The Chinese program at the School of Modern Languages aims to expand students’ visions to better understand, manage, and contribute to today’s increasingly interdependent world.

The Chinese program provides first through fourth-year level language instruction and is characterized by a content-based and applied-language focus. Online course options are available at the first and second-year levels. Opportunities for students include a faculty-led summer study abroad, academic exchanges, and internships in the Chinese-speaking world.

Students studying Chinese at Georgia Tech can gain language proficiency as well as intercultural competence. Our diverse curriculum is built around real-world job market demands and allows students to design a personalized course of study. Our accessible faculty are eager to help students pursue their academic and career goals.


Programs of Study

Graduate Degrees in Chinese

Undergraduate Degrees in Chinese

Minors and Certificates in Chinese

To earn a minor in Chinese, students must complete 15 credits of coursework at the level of CHIN 2002 or 2501 and higher. To earn a certificate in Chinese, students must complete 12 credits of coursework at the level of CHIN 2002 or 2501 and higher. Taking part in the China Languages for Business and Technology (LBAT) summer study abroad program is a great way to complete nearly all of the minor coursework during the summer through study abroad. Upon completion of the LBAT, students only need to complete 3 credit hours (one course). Completing the LBAT will fulfill all requirements of the certificate. 

Students may also elect to take Chinese courses as part of the minors in East Asian studies and international business, language, and culture.

Study Abroad

China Language for Business and Technology (LBAT)

The faculty-led China Language for Business and Technology (LBAT) summer study abroad program provides an academically rigorous and culturally exciting experience for students who have completed CHIN 2002 or have provided evidence of equivalent credit. The LBAT program is located in the cities of Shanghai (6 weeks) and Qingdao (3 weeks). In addition to coursework, students visit Chinese companies and historic and cultural sites.

Students are also encouraged to spend a semester or academic year abroad on an exchange program. A number of excellent opportunities for scholarships to study in China exist.