Transfer Credit

Complete rules and guildelines concentering transfer credits are available in the Georgia Tech Course Catalog.

Georgia Tech routinely grants transfer credit for language courses completed at other United States colleges/universities.  Credit for courses completed in languages not taught at Georgia Tech may earn humanities (HUM) credit only.

The School of Modern Languages may accept all language program-related transfer credit for students a) participating in a Georgia Tech-approved study abroad program or b) enrolled in the International Plan.  Transfer of credit from foreign university plans requires students to complete coursework abroad with a certified grade equivalent of C or higher.  

To the extent possible, transfer credit should be arranged before the student participates in the study-abroad program.

In order for transfer credit to be assessed, the student needs to arrange for an official transcript (or similar documentation) to be sent to Georgia Tech.  In addition, the earned grades must be able to be converted to the United States system by a knowledgeable source.

For additional questions, please contact Student Advisor, Mirla Gonzalez.