General questions about language courses and opportunities at Georgia Tech can be discussed with  Mirla Gonzalez, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies, Online and Professional Education. 

Students Wishing to Declare a Minor in One of Our Languages

Students interested in pursuing a language minor can contact the lower division coordinator in that language for more information (see list below). To declare the minor, submit the change of minor form via Docusign.

Students Wishing to Declare ALIS, GEML or IAML Major

For ALIS and GEML consult with Mirla Gonzalez. For IAML consult with Mirla Gonzalez and Stephanie Jackson.

The change/addition of undergraduate major form is available on the Registrar’s website. A change of major will NOT be allowed during registration periods, so plan ahead!  

Questions About Placement in Language Classes

In general, Modern Language courses follow this sequence: LANG 1001, LANG 1002, LANG 2001, LANG 2002, LANG 3XXX, LANG 4XXX. 

  • If you received AP or IB credit consult the catalog for the credit awarded by Georgia Tech and enroll in the next course in the sequence.

  • If you did not receive AP/IB credit, but studied the language in high school you must take the placement test to determine where you should begin your course of study. Please note, the placement test is only an indicator of your current level and is not used to award retroactive credit. 

  • If you are beginning the study of a language for the first time, enroll in 1001. 

If needing further information or placement help, consult with the appropriate division coordinator:

Language Lower Division Coordinator (1/2XXX ) Upper Division Program Director(3/4XXX)


Dr. Natalie Khazaal

Dr. Natalie Khazaal


Dr. Stephanie Ho

Dr. Paul Foster


Dr. Samba Sy

Dr. Andrea Jonsson


Ms. Kathrin Koppe

Dr. Britta Kallin


Dr. Satomi Suzuki-Chenoweth

Dr. Kyoko Masuda


Mrs. Lee Oh

Dr. Yongtaek Kim


Dr. Ayda Melika

Dr. Ayda Melika


Dr. Dina Khapaeva

Dr. Dina Khapaeva


Dr. Danielle Geary

Dr. Osvaldo  Cleger​


Dr. Leila Glass

Questions About Registration 

Please visit the Registration Information page.

Scheduling an Advising Appointment 

To schedule an advising appointment with Mirla González, please visit