General questions about language courses and opportunities at Georgia Tech can be discussed with Mirla Gonzalez, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies, Online and Professional Education.  These questions can include transfer credit for language courses credit via examination.

Questions About Placement in Language Classes

If you are beginning the study of any of our languages for the first time you may register for any open 1001 section of that course. If you have previously taken the language and/or are a heritage speaker, please take our online placement test, and then, if needing further information or placement help, consult with the appropriate division coordinator:

Language Language Lower Division (1/2XXX ) Coordinator Upper Divison (3/4XXX) Advisor
Arabic Dr. David Marcus Dr. David Marcus
Chinese Dr. Stephanie Ho Dr. Jin Liu
French Dr. Samba Sy Dr. Stephanie Boulard

Ms. Kathrin Koppe

Dr. Britta Kallin
Japanese Ms. Aya McDaniel Dr. Masato Kikuchi
Korean Ms. Seung-Eun Chang TBD
Persian Dr. Roya Mesbah Dr. Roya Mesbah
Russian Dr. Natasha Myshkin Dr. Dina Khapaeva
Spanish Mr. Antonio Levin Dr. Kelly Comfort
Linguistics Dr. Leila Glass


Questions About Registration 

Please visit the Registration Information page.

Students Wishing to Declare a Minor in One of Our Languages

Please do the following:

  1. Download the minor declaration form
  2. Get your major advisor's signature
  3. Get the Modern Languages advisor's signature
  4. Hand in the form in the Registrar's office.

Note that minor declaration forms will NOT be approved during registration periods. Plan ahead!

Students Wishing to Change to or Add the ALIS, GEML or IAML Major

You should speak with Mirla Gonzalez (for ALIS), Mirla Gonzalez and Tony Gallego in ECON (for GEML) or Mirla Gonzalez and Stephanie Jackson (for IAML) before pursuing the change of major.  Changes of major will NOT be allowed during registration periods, so plan ahead!  

Scheduling an Advising Appointment

To schedule an advising appointment, please visit Georgia Tech's GradesFirst site