Languages: Spanish

The Spanish Program offers a Bachelor of Science degree in three areas, ALIS, IAML and GEML. In addition, a minor in Spanish as well as a certificate are available to all GT students.

Spanish courses are offered Fall, Spring and Summer semesters at Georgia Tech. We do offer introductory and high-beginner courses in Spanish; however, due to the intensive nature of our programs and our desire to help students develop their language skills and their cultural knowledge of the Hispanic world to the highest extent possible, we strongly encourage students intending to study Spanish at Georgia Tech to complete at least four (4) years of high-school study of Spanish prior to enrolling, and to attempt the AP Spanish test.

This preparation will allow students to begin at least in SPAN 2001, the intermediate-level; students who received a 4 or higher on the AP test in Spanish automatically receive 6 credit hours for SPAN 2001 and 2002, thus allowing them to begin in SPAN 3000- or 4000-level classes immediately during their freshman year. Courses at these advanced levels automatically count towards the ALIS, IAML and GEML language requirements, as well as the minor (15 hours) and certificate (12 hours) requirements in Spanish.

Check out our course offerings frequently, as new courses are developed every year, under 38XX and 48XX course numbers, including team-taught courses with INTA and ECON via the Georgia Tech Course Catalog.

We also offer a unique summer immersion program, conducted in Spanish, in the Spanish Language for Business and Technology (LBAT) program that is composed of five weeks in Mexico, Ecuador or Peru and four or five weeks in Madrid, for a total of 12 to 15 credit hours.