Registration Information

Please follow the procedures outlined on this page. The School of Modern Languages uses the waitlist function in OSCAR, which means nothing will be processed in person. Please do not contact language advisors or individual course instructors for registration.

Selecting a Language Class

Modern Language courses do not have official course prerequisites. In general, Modern Language courses follow this sequence: LANG 1001, LANG 1002, LANG 2001, LANG 2002, LANG 3XXX, LANG 4XXX. 

  • If you received AP or IB credit consult the catalog for the credit awarded by Georgia Tech and enroll in the next course in the sequence.
  • If you did not receive AP/IB credit, but studied the language in high school you must take the placement test to determine where you should begin your course of study. Please note, the placement test is only an indicator of your current level and is not used to award retroactive credit. 
  • If you are beginning the study of a language for the first time, enroll in 1001. 


The School of Modern Languages uses the waitlist function for all of its courses. Once the registration cap has been reached for a course, the course is full. You may place your name of the waitlist by following the instructions on the Registrar’s website. Once you have added your name to the waitlist, if a seat becomes available you will receive notification via email. Once you receive the email, you will have 12 hours to register for the course section. This may happen over the weekend! If you do not register within the allotted time, you will lose your spot and will have to add your name back on the waitlist. Waitlisting is not registration or enrollment in the courses. Since all courses have waitlist, NO overloads will be issued. Do NOT submit a permit request unless you fall into one of the two categories outlined further below. Any misuse of the permit system will automatically be denied.

Major and Minor Restrictions

During the first weeks of Phase I registration, all SPAN courses and some FREN courses are "major and minor restricted" meaning only the following students can register:

  • Students with the following majors:  ALIS, EIA, GEML, HTS, IAML, INTA, and LMC
  • Students with the following minors:  French and Spanish​

This means that you will NOT be able to add your name to the waitlist even if there are spaces available, until these major and minor restrictions have been lifted. In other words, you cannot join a waitlist until a class is full.

Class Restrictions

Some LING 2100 courses are class restricted. This means that ONLY freshmen and sophomores will be able to enroll. There is nothing you can do! Do not email us and do not submit a permit request.


Students pursuing one or more of the following programs may request permits to enroll in restricted courses:

  • Accepted into the International Plan
  • Graduate Students requesting 1000-2000 level courses

Misuse of the permit system, in other words, permit requests that are submitted that do not fall into the two categories above will automatically be denied.

Graduate Students

Graduate students may request a permit to enroll in 1000-2000 level language courses. These permits will NOT be processed until the end of Phase I registration and possibly not even until Phase II registration. Undergraduate Students are given first priority. If a permit is granted, you will receive an email notification, and you must go to the Registrar’s Office in Tech Tower to be manually enrolled in the course.

Additional Information

The School of Modern Languages will NOT process any forms or inquiries related to transfer credit, Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate credit or change of minor/major forms during the first two weeks of Phase I registration and Phase II registration. Please plan accordingly. Be aware that if you register for a wrong course or level, the instructor may require you to drop the class, and there is no guarantee that a seat in the correct course/level will be available to you. 

Transfer Credit

If you are bringing in transfer credit from another college/university’s language program see the Transfer Credit page for details on qualifications and instructions on how to submit your records for verification.

Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate credit

If you are bringing in Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate credit, please see the Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate Credit page for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I need a permit to take a particular course?

For ARBC, CHIN, GRMN, HEBW, HIN, JAPN, KOR, PORT, RUSS or SWAH courses, you do not need a permit to register.  Please check OSCAR to find an open course.

What do I do if a Course is CLOSED?

Once the registration cap has been reached for a course, the course is full. In order to request a seat in a closed course, you must follow the instructions for waitlisting:

Why can’t I enroll in FREN and SPAN courses?

During the first three weeks, some FREN and ALL SPAN courses are restricted to majors and minors. Be sure to submit your change minor/major forms early!

Why can’t I add my name to the waitlist?

You cannot add your name to the waitlist until a course is full. This means you may have to wait until freshmen have been allowed to register and/or major/minor restrictions have been lifted.

Can I submit a permit request for a course?

Only students accepted into the International Plan, and graduate students requesting 1000-2000 level courses may submit a permit. Permit requests that are submitted that do not fall into these three categories will automatically be denied.

What if the class and the waitlist are both full?

The only thing you can do in this situation is wait until something opens up.

Can a professor help me get into the course?

Please DO NOT email a professor to seek permission to enroll in his/her course, as professors have no control over this.

What does this error message mean?

If you try to register for a course and receive an error message, please refer to the Registrar's Guide to Registration Errors for an explanation of what the message means.

My question is not listed here.

For additional questions, please contact Student Advisor, Mirla Gonzalez.