Registration Information

If you are bringing in transfer credit from another college/university’s language program see the Transfer Credit page for details on qualifications and instructions on how to submit your records for verification.

If you are bringing in Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate credit, please see the Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate Credit page for more information.

Be aware that if you register for a wrong course or level, the instructor may require you to drop the class, and there is no guarantee that a seat in the correct course/level will be available to you.  If unsure make an appointment with an advisor before you register!

Do I need a permit to take a particular course?

For ARBC, CHIN, GRMN, JAPN, KOR, or RUSS courses, you do not need a permit to register.  Please check OSCAR to find an open course.

During the first week of Phase I registration, all SPAN courses and some FREN courses are "major restricted" meaning only the following students can register:

  • Students with the following majors:  ALIS, EIA, GEML, HTS, IAML, INTA, and LMC
  • Students with the following minors:  French and Spanish​

Courses with available seats will open up to all students after the restricted period (normally 24 hours after freshmen have begun to register).  Students pursuing one or more of the following programs may request permits to enroll in restricted courses:

  • Applied and accepted into the International Plan
  • Future participants in Language for Business and Technology (LBAT) study-abroad programs
  • All online courses require a separate application; please go to the Online Courses section for more information

These permits are not guaranteed and will be issued on an individual basis to the extent possible.

What do I do if the class I want to take is full?

If a particular course or section is full, you need to submit an overload request.  Students pursuing special programs will have priority for overloads to the extent possible.

Additional Information

  • Due to high demand, many permit/overload requests may not be granted because many courses will be enrolled beyond capacity.  In other words, there are no guarantees.

  • Plan your schedule accordingly.

  • You will receive an email from Modern Languages to tell you a permit/overload has been granted or denied.  If no decision has been made, no email will be sent.

  • If you receive a permit or overload, it is your responsibility to register for the class on OSCAR.

  • No permits or overloads will be issued on the last day of registration.

For additional questions, please contact Student Advisor, Mirla Gonzalez.