Languages: Korean

Program Overview

Korean has been offered in the School of Modern Languages since Fall 2003.  Korean began with a student initiative to raise funding, followed afterwards with the generous support of a grant from the Korean Foundation.  Currently, eight semesters of Korean are offered to advance students from introduction to fluency, and they are guided by instructors who take great pride in their students' successes.

The Korean community in Atlanta has grown to over 83,000 people, and the Korean language is becoming more useful than ever.  The Korean program at Georgia Tech is the only four-year curriculum in Korean in the metro Atlanta area.  Georgia Tech is an ideal location for studying Korean language, for things learned in class can be immediately applied to interacting with a huge community of native speakers.  We hope you join us in studying this great language!

The Korean LBAT program began in the summer of 2010, offering 9 credits in an 8 week intensive program in Seoul.  Students who want to improve their Korean skills can join in either a third year or a second year LBAT program.

For information on Korean courses at Georgia Tech, see the Georgia Tech catalog or view a summary of available Korean Courses.

Korean Minor

A Korean Minor is now available at Georgia Tech.  Students who have earned 15 credit hours in Korean courses (KOR-2002 and upper level courses) can apply for Korean minor on their degree.