International Plan


Silhouette of students holding multiple international flags at sunset.

The International Plan (IP) Designation will set you apart from other applicants with recruiters and executives from top companies and governmental agencies since they know you have the global competency needed to compete in today's tough global market.  In addition to being an option for ALIS, IAML, and GEML majors, the IP designation can be added to your engineering, computing, architecture, science, or management degree just to name a few.  See the Office of International Education (OIE) for International Plan Program Requirements and to sign up for the plan.

All International Plan students in the Foreign Language track should get an early start on learning the language they have chosen.  While IP students pursuing an ALIS, IAML, or GEML degree get priority on many classes (see the Registration Information page for more details), there is still a high demand for language classes at Georgia Tech.