Minor in Linguistics

The School of Modern Languages in partnership with the School of Psychology and School of Interactive Computing offers an undergraduate minor in linguistics (parallel to the certificate, but with one more course).

This interdisciplinary minor (15 credit hours total) connects studies of the physical structures and mental processes involved in human language; the psychological and social factors that enable humans to acquire, use, comprehend, and produce language; and the application of computer science to language and technology.

A compelling complement to the study of computer science, psychology, or a specific foreign language, the minor is designed for undergraduates who have an interest in theoretical or applied linguistics, culture, psychology, or language technology; and for students who will enter a wide range of careers, such as language education, educational design, language technology, and human/computer interaction.



View minor requirements for the Linguistics minor in the Georgia Tech Course Catalog.

Please note: It is often difficult to "double-count" courses taken toward the minor with those taken for one's major.  Please contact an academic advisor in your major program of study for more information.

Students wishing to declare a minor should submit the minor declaration form to Mirla Gonzalez to allow us to track their progress and gain priority registration.