Korean Courses

Elementary Korean

KOR 1001

This course aims to introduce students to the Korean alphabet, Hangul(한글), and to bring them to the elementary level of reading, writing, typing, and speaking in Korean

KOR 1002

A continuation of KOR 1001, this course aims to integrate the four language learning skills, which are listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Based on the fundamental knowledge acquired in KOR1001, students will learn grammar structures and vocabulary by reading, writing, and speaking in Korean.

Intermediate Korean

KOR 2001

This course is targeting at developing intermediate level of Korean grammars and expressions. Throughout the course, students are expected to practice all four skill areas of Korean: reading, listening, writing and speaking. Accurate usages of Korean through activities will be emphasized and communicative ability will be fostered accordingly. Extra materials on Korean culture will be provided to help students' understanding on the culture as well.

KOR 2002

A continuation of KOR 2001, this course will focus on more advanced grammatical structures of Korean and their proper usage. Students will learn complex sentence structures using relative and conditional statements, sentence structures using Independent Nouns such as 것, 지, and 수, and numerical understanding needed to bargain a deal in Korea.

Advanced Korean

KOR 3001

Building on the 1st and 2nd year Korean courses, the students in the third year course will learn complex sentence structures and will engage in expressing themselves in a more detailed and precise manner, especially in conveying feeling and emotion. Students will improve reading, speaking, listening, and writing in the course through various class activities and presentations.

KOR 3002

Building on the 2nd and the first semester of the 3rd year Korean courses, the students in the second semester of the third year course will engage in many reading, writing, and speaking activities. Each class will consist of mini-lessons about writing conventions, grammar, and vocabulary words, during which students will give short presentations, engage in small group discussions, and guided reading and writing activities. Students will improve reading, writing, and speaking skills through individualized and sustained reading and writing exercises, presentations, and small group discussions.

More Advanced Korean

KOR 4001

Building on the 1st , 2nd , and 3rd year Korean courses, the students in the fourth year course will continue to learn more advanced vocabulary words and build more grammatical knowledge. Students will also work on commonly misspelled words, writing conventions, and idiomatic expressions. Students will improve reading, speaking, listening, and writing in the course through various class activities and presentations, ending in a final written project.

KOR 4002

Assuming that the students taking the course possess a good level of knowledge in Korean, this course aims to hone their skills by exposing the students to some famous Korean literary works and business sectors where Korea is leading or at a competitive edge.  The course will naturally get the students involved in business analysis and planning using the relevant technical terms or

jargon in the related fields. Through some literary excerpts, the students will learn how to critically appreciate Korean literature.