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Swann 311
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Spring 2020: TR 1:40-2:40 pm, or by appointment (email me!)
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Spring 2020 Office Hours: TR 1:40-2:40, or by appointment

Dr. Paul B. Foster received his Ph.D. in East Asian Languages and Literatures from the Ohio State University (1996). His specialty is the study of Lu Xun 鲁迅, the icon of Modern Chinese Literature. Dr. Foster is the author of Ah Q Archaeology: Lu Xun, Ah Q, Ah Q Progeny and the National Character Discourse in Twentieth Century China (Lexington Press, 2006), as well as a number of journal articles and conference papers. Dr. Foster's current research is on the “kungfu industrial complex,” analyzing kungfu fiction, film and popular culture, with a special focus on the martial art fiction master, Jin Yong 金庸.

Promoting study abroad is a particular priority for Dr. Foster, who views this experience as a crucial part of students' overall education. Dr. Foster designed, developed and co-directed the University System of Georgia Summer Study in China, and designed, developed, and alternately co-directs or coordinates GT School of Modern Languages' intensive summer Chinese language program in Shanghai and Qingdao, the China LBAT

Dr. Foster teaches the spectrum of Chinese language courses and enjoys introducing students to contemporary Chinese culture at the upper level through varied media, having created courses to teach language and culture through Pop Music & Culture, Kungfu/Martial Arts Fiction, Strategy & the Art of War, Kungfu & Wuxia Film, and Lu Xun & Modern Chinese Literature. 

In addition, Dr. Foster was Co-principle Investigator for a Department of Education International Research and Studies (IRS) Instructional Materials Grant to develop “Advanced/Intermediate Language and Culture through Song. He is also an Associate of the China Research Center, an alliance of local scholars which provides cultural, economic, political and business research and information in Georgia and the Southeast. Moreover, he has served on numerous committees. Dr. Foster also sponsors numerous student groups, which include the Chinese Student Association, the Hong Kong Student Association, the GT Wushu Club, the GT Unicycling Club and others which dovetail with his interests in martial arts fiction, rock climbing, and endurance cycling, and resemble learning Chinese in that they alll require dedication and practice, practice, practice. Dr. Foster was awarded the Ivan Allen College's E. Roe Stamps Excellence in Teaching Award for Junior Faculty for 2002/3.

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  • Film Review of Crazy Rich Asians [2018]. China Currents, Vol. 17, No. 2 (Fall 2018). China Research Center.
  • Review of Carolyn T. Brown. Reading Lu Xun through Carl Jung.  Amherst, NY: Cambria Press, 2018. Reviewed by Paul B. Foster. MCLC Resource Center Publication (Copyright July 2018).
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  • Review of Yingjin Zhang, The City in Modern Chinese Literature and Film:  Configurations of Space, Time, and Gender.  China Review International.  (Fall 1997): 588-92.



Research Fields:
  • Chinese
  • Asia (East)
  • Cinema Studies
  • East-Asian Studies
  • Environmental Performance
  • Intercultural Issues
  • Language Acquisition
  • Language and Popular Culture
  • Languages in Contact
  • Literature


  • CHIN-2001: Intermediate Chinese I
  • CHIN-3003: Intermediate Chinese III
  • CHIN-3004: Advanced Chinese I
  • CHIN-4021: Adv Lang Music & Culture
  • CHIN-4022: Kungfu Fiction/Pop Cult
  • CHIN-4023: Strategy & Art of War
  • CHIN-4032: Kungfu & Wuxia Film
  • CHIN-4813: Special Topics: Kungfu
  • CHIN-4813: Special Topics: Lu Xun

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