Stéphanie Boulard

Associate Professor of French

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  • School of Modern Languages
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Stéphanie Boulard (Ph.D, Emory University, 2006) is Associate Professor of French in the School of Modern Languages at Georgia Tech and an affiliate of the French Research Center Groupe Hugo-CERILAC (EA 4410) of Université Paris-Diderot, France.

Her research and teaching interests include 19th-century literature, 20th-21st-century literature and culture, visual arts, film, feminine writing, Francophone studies, French modern art and urban culture, and contemporary critical theory.  Professor Boulard is the curator of both the French and Francophone Film Festival and the French Speaker Series at Georgia Tech, and has created the French Club Library there. 

Author of Rouge Hugo (Septentrion, 2014), Stéphanie Boulard has also directed special issues of SITES on Pascal Quignard (Contemporary French & Francophone Studies: Sites 18.3, 2014) and La Revue des Sciences Humaines on Victor Hugo (Ego Hugo, Presses Universitaires du Septentrion, 2011), and a book of essays on Claude Louis-Combet (Visions/visitations/passions : en compagnie de Claude Louis-Combet, Corlevour, 2008). She has published and presented extensively on authors such as Hugo, Balzac, Cixous, Quignard, Michaux and Genet. She is the author of over 20 essays published as chapters in books, or as articles in journals including Revue des Sciences Humaines, Littérature, SITES Contemporary French and Francophone Studies, and Paroles Gelées.

  • Ph.D. French Literature, Emory University
  • D.E.A. French Literature, Paris VIII
  • M.A. French Studies, Lille III
  • B.A. Spanish Studies, Universidad Complutense, Madrid
  • B.A. French Studies, Lille III
Awards and
  • 2019: Award Faces of Inclusive Excellence
  • 2018-2019: SPAG: Global Media Film Festival - Sustainability Across Languages and Cultures
  • 2018: IAC GTF Travel Award
  • 2017: Class of 1940 Course Survey Effectiveness Award
Areas of
  • Contemporary Critical Theory
  • Feminine Writing And Gender Studies
  • Film And Photography
  • French Literature, 19th-20th-21st-Century
  • French Modern Art And Urban Culture
  • The Novel
  • Victor Hugo
  • Visual Studies
  • Word And Image Studies
Research Fields:
  • French - Instructor
  • Literary and Cultural Studies
  • Europe
  • Gender
  • Cinema Studies
  • Digital and Mixed Media
  • Drama and Theater Studies
  • Feminism
  • Film History and Theory
  • Francophone Studies
  • Literary Theory
  • Literature
  • Philosophy
  • Poetry
  • Psychoanalysis
  • World Literature
  • FREN-2001: French Culture I
  • FREN-2002: French Culture II
  • FREN-2005: LBAT Culture & Language
  • FREN-3001: French Lit 1800-1900
  • FREN-3002: French Lit 1900-Present
  • FREN-3004: Drama Workshop
  • FREN-3017: Paris: Modernity Today
  • FREN-3697: Paris/Cinema
  • FREN-3833: Special Topics
  • FREN-4005: Contemporary French Lit
  • FREN-4013: Literature & Visual Arts
  • FREN-4241: French Cinema I
  • FREN-4242: French Cinema II
  • FREN-4250: Reading Les Miserables
  • FREN-4500: Intercultural Seminar
  • FREN-6013: Literature & Visual Arts
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