Minor in East Asian Studies

The Minor in East Asian Studies is comprised of a focused set of course offerings in history, political science, economics, languages, media, cinema, and literature. These courses are taught in each academic unit of the interdisciplinary Ivan Allen College, and offer a coherent program for obtaining knowledge concerning China, Japan, Korea, and, to a lesser extent, Southeast Asia.

East Asia plays a significant role in world politics and the global economy, and the study of the region should be an integral part of a contemporary education. As aptly noted in Georgia Tech’s Strategic Plan, the education and research base of the world is shifting east, and the Institute aims to be an integral component of that shift. The Minor in East Asian Studies aims to contribute to the fulfillment of that mission. Through the interdisciplinary study of East Asia’s rich history, politics, economics, literature, media, and languages, students will come to understand societies and values that will feature prominently in a technologically sophisticated world in which the region will play an increasingly important role.

This minor – jointly administered by the School of Modern Languages and the School of Literature, Media, and Communication – is designed for undergraduates who will enter a wide range of careers that include engineering, science, business, public service, law, teaching, research, etc.


  1. Students must earn 15 credit hours of INTA, HTS, LMC, ML, and ECON courses. See list below for approved minor courses listed in the Georgia Tech course catalog
  2. Nine (9) of the 15 hours must be 3000-level courses or higher.
  3. Courses must be taken from at least two schools in the IAC.
  4. At least one course must be a CHIN, JAPN or KOR course offered by the School of Modern Languages (these courses may be taught in the target language and require language prerequisites). 
  5. With the approval of a co-coordinator, a student may count one course taken outside Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts toward the minor; if approved by a co-coordinator, this course may be taken at another university.
  6. Special topics courses may be counted toward the minor; these courses must be approved by a co-coordinator.

Additional minor requirements can be found by reviewing the East Asian Studies Minor page in the Georgia Tech Course Catalog.

Students wishing to pursue one of these minors should submit the Minor Declaration form to Mirla Gonzalez to allow us to track their progress and to gain priority registration.