Survey of Foreign Language Students

Background Information
Indicate your plans to use your foreign language after graduating. If already graduated, indicate extent of present language use (Check all that apply)
Indicate your interest in each of the following or if you would have been interested had the opportunity been made available earlier. Check all that apply or if you are not interested at all in these programs, please leave blank.
For each of the following, check in the left column the career paths for which an MS degree in your language of study would be most applicable. In the right column, check those of most interest to you.
Business (including also entrepreneurship, public relations, marketing and advertising)
Government Service (Federal. State, local)
Social Activism/ Non-profit
Media (social, computational, broadcasting, journalism)
Film / Music /Arts/Architecture
Law and policy
Healthcare and Medicine
Other (please specify below)
For 6 credits of the MS program you would have your choice of the following options instead of campus coursework. Please rank order your preferences, with 1 = highest and 4 = lowest.
A 6-credit thesis instead of coursework
A 6-cr. (unpaid) overseas internship
6 cr. unpaid teaching assistantship in LBAT
6 cr. graduate-level overseas LBAT program
Course Options
Considering the current GT curriculum in your language, which of the following types of courses would you want to see more of in an MS degree (check all that apply)
If you would you be interested in participating in a focus group on graduate programs in the School of Modern Languages, please provide your email so we may contact you for this purpose:

Campoamor Scholarship Application

Personal Information
Scholarship Questions
Please write a proposal of 400-500 words describing how you could contribute to the program for which you are applying. Would you, for example, develop a poster for advertising, compile video clips, gather on-site interviews, compile a photographic essay of your experience in the program, maintain a website during the program, speak to students at next year’s pre-program orientation meetings, and/or help the instructor compile news of the day, etc.?
Please note any special circumstances, such as financial need, that you feel should give you priority in award decisions. Please be aware that if you have outstanding debts to the Institute, you may be ineligible for a Campoamor scholarship.

By submitting this application you certify that you have no outstanding debts to the Institute that might affect your eligibility of receiving a Campoamor scholarship from the School of Modern Languages.

Certificate Request

Student Information
Certificate Details
After Graduation Address
Certificate Qualification Information
Please list all courses you have taken that apply to your qualification for the certificate you are requesting.
Please list one course per line in the following format: Course Code, Semester, Year, Credit Hours, Letter Grade Earned
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