Student Testimonials (LBAT France)

In my opinion, the most fulfilling part of studying in the LBAT program was exposing myself to the subtleties of French culture that I simply could not have experienced in a week-long visit. In the morning, we would taking courses on language, film, business, and for the rest of the day, we would find ourselves applying all of it in our day-to-day activities - from ordering pastries in a French bakery, to speaking with curious locals, to casually attending some of the most beautiful French cinemas. Prior to the program, I was unconvinced of my French-speaking ability; however, my confidence predictably improved by the end of the two months after all the exposure. Easily one of my most cherished experiences during my time in studying. 
Sommy Khalaj - LBAT Paris 2017

Studying abroad in Paris as part of the LBAT program was one of the highlights of my time at Georgia Tech and while my French skills are a bit rusty now after all these years, I still apply the many other skills and life lessons learned during that time everyday in both my personal and professional life. Getting out of my comfort zone, adapting to new surroundings and ways of thinking, meeting new people with different perspectives and listening to their unique life stories all helped shape the person I am today. I look back at my experience with the fondest of memories and would not hesitate to do it again if I can.
Ameer Khaleek, LBAT 2008

The French LBAT was a great experience both academically and personally. I learned not only about the French language, but also about many aspects of French culture. The courses I took were a mix of both current trends and practical business knowledge, both of which are useful for anyone who aspires to live or work in France. Personally, I made a lot of close friends during the program and it was one of the best summers I've ever had! I definitely recommend this program to anyone interested in learning more about French culture.
Mariana Matias - LBAT 2017

It's not difficult to fall in love with French when you're learning the language on a beach in the South of France or in the famous Centre Pompidou. The LBAT is the perfect way to grow more comfortable with your French, no matter your level. Spend nine weeks completely immersed in neighborhoods, art, food, language, and culture. I highly recommend to anybody interested!
Neira Selimovic - LBAT 2017

The French LBAT is such a wonderful experience! I applied because I wanted to be in an environment that requires me to speak French. This program provided the full immersion of the French language that I was looking for. I learned more about the language and culture both through a classroom setting as well as through my daily interactions with the local francophones. By the end of the program, I could tell that I had improved my French-speaking skills; I had become more and more confident in using the French language!
Nylah Julmice – LBAT 2018

The French LBAT taught me a great deal about the language and culture of France, and it also helped me put my own culture into perspective. It was really special to spend the summer in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Paris and receive a taste of local life there. I loved the small program size because it allowed me to make and keep close friends, and also travel across Europe with them!
Charlotte Lee - LBAT Paris 2017

LBAT was a wonderful experience for me.  The program helped me to gain confidence both in my French language skills and in my abilities to travel abroad and be comfortable in new environments.  Not to mention, I also met some of my best friends here at Tech while I was on the program!
Steven Koskey LBAT 2018

   Studying abroad with the LBAT Paris/Nice program is by far one of the most formative experiences I had during my time at Georgia Tech. French culture and the language itself were no longer just topics of some of my classes - I had to opportunity to live them, to apply what I had been studying to my daily life. With frequent fieldtrips with the professors, the program is well-set-up to expose the students to much that Paris and Nice have to offer, but it also allows the students the freedom to explore on their own. I fell in love with Paris and tended to stay most of the weekends in the city, but many of my classmates traveled to countries all around Europe on the weekends and loved it! 
   Coming off of my sophomore year as ALIS major in French, I felt that participating in this program was perfect timing. I realized that only two more years of French classes were not enough for me! The LBAT program fostered my desire to keep studying French and hopefully live in France in the future. It influenced what classes I wanted to take when I returned that fall, and it definitely sparked my desire to apply to graduate school. I’m truly happy to say that I am writing this testimonial as a graduate student in French literature who is currently living in France – a dream that I might not have had without my experience on the LBAT Paris/Nice program!
Kate Clark – LBAT 2014