Application and Scholarships (LBAT Germany)

Apply for the Program

In addition to the program charge, you must pay an application fee of $250.00. Please use these links to apply to the program through the Georgia Tech Office of International Education (OIE) website:

  • Apply for LBAT
  • If you are a Non-Georgia Tech (Transient/Special) student, you are required to submit a separate application to the Office of International Education.  Please complete your application by Feb. 15, 2024.

Applications for the program are preferred. The program fills quickly and applications are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis after Nov. 30, 2023. The application deadline is Feb. 15, 2024.


StipendiumWe encourage you to take advantage of the numerous scholarship opportunities that are available to German LBAT students.

Please also apply to the generous scholarships available for GT's German program students from the following Foundations:

  • The Halle Foundation: LBAT and semester abroad scholarships
  • The Spurlock Foundation: LBAT & Early Immersion: German in Vienna scholarships
  • The Dr. Bettina F. Cothran Scholarship: LBAT scholarships

To apply for the above scholarships, please write a one-page letter to "The German Program Scholarship Awards Committee." In your letter, please address the following questions:

  • why you want to study abroad (please indicate if you are applying for LBAT, a semester abroad at one of our partner universities, or both.)
  • how this experience will impact your future academic and career goals
  • what your future goals with German may be, e.g. completion of a minor, major, or double minor or major
  • what your prior German experience entails, including courses at GT, participation in German Club etc.
  • how you will assist the German Program in the following year (e.g. by helping to advertise the program during German Day, Study Abroad Fair, and/or in-class visits (if you receive an award, we expect your participation in the following year)
  • financial need, if applicable. This is not a prerequisite but will be taken into consideration

Please submit this letter to Britta Kallin ( by March 31, 2024 (we will accept applications on a rolling basis prior to this deadline until we have awarded all available scholarships). These Scholarships are awarded according to merit and/or need.

The Modern Languages' Campoamor scholarship is also available, and the HOPE Scholarship applies to LBAT programs. Students are encouraged to see if other scholarships via OIE are available and to apply for financial aid.

The German Program may also support students who participate in intensive language programs in a German-speaking country outside of the LBAT program. Contact Britta Kallin ( for additional details.

Payment Schedule and Deadlines

Payment Schedule:

If you participate, the following payments have to be made:

  • Feb. 15, 2024 – first half of program charge*
  • March 15, 2024 – second half of program charge*

(*fees are estimates and subject to change)

Fee Payment Information:  Please adhere to the deadlines stated for the program. Please observe the information in Payment Options to ensure that your payments are processed at the Bursar’s Office on time. Fees will be charged to your Oscar account on the due dates.  Make sure you make all necessary payments on time in order to avoid a hold on your account.  Students expecting financial aid must submit a letter from the Financial Aid Office stating the allocation and date of payments expected. Tuition and student fees are due according to the Registrar’s schedule for summer tuition.

Students who (with the Program Directors' approval) apply and register for LBAT programs after the deadlines are responsible for Program Fee payments according to the original deadlines at the time of application or at the time of the applicant's acceptance.

Cancellation Policy

Students who choose not to participate in the program after submitting an application will be subject to the following fee schedule:

  1. Students canceling before Feb. 15, 2024, will lose their $250.00 deposit.
  2. Students canceling after Feb. 15, 2024, must pay 30% of the entire program charge.
  3. Students canceling after March 15, 2024, must pay 100% of the entire program charge.

Program descriptions and fees are subject to final approval by educational units and the Office of International Education.  Fees are subject to change without notice. Georgia Tech reserves the right to alter (including a change to program fees) or cancel this program due to low enrollment, unavailability of a professor to teach a planned course, or other unforeseen circumstances. If Georgia Tech cancels the entire program before departure for reasons within its control, all fees paid by participants will be refunded. If Georgia Tech cancels the program before departure or while the program is in progress for reasons beyond its control, such as political unrest or danger to participants’ safety, only those fees that Georgia Tech is able to have refunded by service providers will be returned to participants. Due to COVID-19, the program may have to be cancelled, and fees that cannot be refunded may have to be paid. If the program cannot take place in Germany, it will be offered online. 

If a student withdraws from the program, the student will be responsible for the payment of all fees.