Jin Liu

Associate Professor of Chinese

Member Of:
  • School of Modern Languages
Office Location:
Swann 312
Office Hours:
TH 1:15-2:00 and/or by appointment
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Jin Liu received her Ph.D. in East Asian Literature and Culture from Cornell University. Her interdisciplinary research studies contemporary Chinese popular culture from the perspective of language, sound, voice, and music. She is the author of the book, Signifying the Local: Media Productions Rendered in Local Languages in Mainland China in the New Millennium (Brill, 2013). Drawing on cultural and literary theories, media studies, and sociolinguistics, this book examines recent cultural productions rendered in local languages and dialects (fangyan in Chinese) in the fields of film, television, the Internet, popular music, and fiction in mainland China. She co-edited and contributed to the book, Chinese Under Globalization: Emerging Trends in Language Use in China (World Scientific, 2012). She has widely published articles on Chinese independent films, eco-cinema, rap music, Internet culture, youth culture, and sociolinguistics in journals including positions: Asia Critique, East Asian Journal of Popular Culture, Journal of Chinese Cinema, Chinese Literature: Essays, Articles, Reviews (CLEAR), Twentieth-Century China, Modern Chinese Literature and Culture (MCLC), Journal of Modern Literature in Chinese (JMLC), Chinese Language and Discourse, and Harvard Asia Pacific Review. Many of her publications can be seen at https://gatech.academia.edu/JinLiu.

Dr. Liu teaches Chinese language and contemporary Chinese culture at Georgia Tech. Earlier she taught Chinese language and culture at Cornell University, Middlebury College summer Chinese school, and Princeton University summer program in Beijing (PIB). She alternately co-directs the GT School of Modern Languages’ intensive summer Chinese language program in Shanghai and Qingdao, Chinese LBAT. She is the coordinator of the prestigious Chinese Government Scholarships (each about $10,000) since 2011. She has organized two China events for Georgia Tech Global Media Festival, and brought the awarded film director and photographer, Mr. Wang Jiuliang, and the comic artist Mr. Li Xiaoguai, an icon of Chinese youth culture and Internet culture, on campus in 2017 and in 2018.

  • Ph. D. 2008 Cornell University, East Asian Literature & Culture
  • M. A. 2001 Cornell University, Asian Studies
  • M. A. 2000 Beijing University, Chinese Linguistics
  • B. A. 1997 Beijing University, Chinese Language and Literature
Awards and
  • Georgia Tech CETL/BP Junior Faculty Teaching Excellence, 2012
  • Class of 1934 Course Survey Teaching Effectiveness Award, 2012
  • Class of 1940 Course Survey Teaching Effectiveness Award, 2014 and 2018


Research Fields:
  • Chinese
  • Cross-Cultural Understanding
  • Dialectical Linguistics
  • East-Asian Studies
  • Globalization and Localization
  • Language and Popular Culture
  • Media
  • Modernity
  • Youth Culture


  • CHIN-1002: Elementary Chinese II
  • CHIN-2001: Intermediate Chinese I
  • CHIN-2002: Intermediate Chinese II
  • CHIN-3401: Kaleidoscope of Chinese
  • CHIN-3691: Chinese Current Events
  • CHIN-3692: Business Chinese
  • CHIN-3693: Conversation Practicum
  • CHIN-3823: Special Topics
  • CHIN-4003: Advanced Chinese II
  • CHIN-4004: Advanced Chinese III
  • CHIN-4031: Chin-Language Cinema
  • CHIN-4500: Intercultural Seminar
  • CHIN-4695: Chinese Internship
  • CHIN-6031: Chinese Cinema & Media
  • CHIN-6252: Dom Internship Chin
  • CHIN-6500: Intercultural Seminar
  • CHIN-8804: Special Topics

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