Teresa Flynn

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B.S. IAML-Japanese, minor in International Business, Language, and Culture
Job Title / Employer
Program Coordinator at the Office of Special Scholarships at Georgia Tech

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1. What's the coolest part of your work?

The coolest part of my work is interfacing with current students within the Office of Special Scholarships. I really enjoy working and interfacing with students, and mentoring has been such a great part of my job that I’m able to offer to our scholars.

2. Why are you passionate about it?

I am passionate about a variety of topics, but one that most relates to my degree and career prospects is cross-cultural communication and bridging gaps between peoples and communities. In particular, I really enjoy connecting people of different cultures with others that hold similar interests and facilitating a dialogue between them with the purpose of realizing that we’re all not so different! I hope to manifest this passion not only in my personal life but also potentially in a diplomatic or global development/aid capacity.