Chao Li

Lecturer of Chinese

Member Of:
  • School of Modern Languages
Office Location:
Swann 309
Office Hours:
MWF 12:00-1:00pm
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Chao Li received his M.A. in International Relations, Beijing Institute of Foreign Affairs; and B.A. in Economics and Chinese, Yunnan University, China. He joined Ga Tech’s School of Modern Languages in 2001. As a Lecturer in Chinese, he has taught  the language at all levels. He has served as co-director of the Chinese LBAT (Language for Business and Technology) Program since 2006. He has played an important role in developing Georgia Tech’s Chinese online Chinese language courses, including the creation of course content, drill sections, multimedia production, and grammatical notes compilation. Chao Li has become a key instructor in online Chinese teaching. His focus is on teaching Chinese as a second language and creation of effective Chinese language teaching and learning materials.  


Research Fields:
  • Chinese


  • CHIN-1001: Elementary Chinese I
  • CHIN-1002: Elementary Chinese II
  • CHIN-1011: Accelerated Elem Chin I
  • CHIN-1012: Accelerated Elem Chin II
  • CHIN-2001: Intermediate Chinese I
  • CHIN-2002: Intermediate Chinese II
  • CHIN-2813: Special Topics
  • CHIN-3003: Intermediate Chinese III
  • CHIN-3004: Advanced Chinese I
  • CHIN-3691: Chinese Current Events
  • CHIN-3692: Business Chinese
  • CHIN-3693: Conversation Practicum