Online Courses: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find courses being offered online in a given semester?

  1. Navigate to the schedule of classes available on the OSCAR and select the “Schedule of classes”
    Schedule of classes

  2. Select the semester in which you are interested in taking courses.
    Semester selection

  3. Select the language in which you are interested
    Language selection

  4. Explore the courses offered.  Any U/UU or UA/UAA course sections listed are courses that are offered online (e.g., Elementary Japanese I – JAPN 1001 – UA).  Special/Transient students should look for Section U or UU (e.g., Elementary Japanese I - JAPN 1001 - U). The schedule of new classes available online will be updated per the date on the academic calendar.
    Course selection

Can I receive college credits for these courses?

Georgia Tech is accredited through SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools). All Georgia Tech students will automatically receive academic credit (to include humanities credit) just like any other course offered at the Institute.

If you are a non-Georgia Tech student, to receive academic credit (official academic transcripts), you need to be admitted to Georgia Tech as a non-degree-seeking special/transient student. The first-year Online Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian (CJKR) courses are 4-credit courses. The second-year CJR courses are 3-credit courses. Only current college students (or college graduates) can be admitted as a special student. High school students do not receive academic credits from Georgia Tech.

After completing your online course, you need to request the Registrar's Office to send your transcripts to your home institution.

How much does the program cost?

Georgia Tech Students: Online courses are subject to the same tuition rates as other course. Please note: Out-of-state students are charged of-out-state tuition for online classes.

Special/Transient Students:

  • Go to the Bursar's website (Tuition/Fees page).
  • Click on the term that applies
  • Find the undergraduate tuition rates for "6 hrs or less" for residents/non-residents. This is usually listed at the top.

FYI: Elementary CJKR courses (1001-U/UU, 1002-U/UU) are 4 credit hours. Intermediate CJKR courses (2001-U, 2002-U) are 3 credit hours.

When do I register and when is the tuition due?

All non-Georgia Tech students for academic credit are responsible for registering for the class through OSCAR and paying all required fees by the deadlines as indicated in your admission package. Your window of registration may be limited to the last phase of registration during Add/Drop period (See “Academic Calendar”). 

Please read registration information carefully for tuition payment deadline. The Registrar strictly enforces all stated deadlines, and Modern Languages is unable to intervene on your behalf if you miss your registration window, so please register and pay your tuition/fee on time.

I have registered for the course, but I don't know how to access my online course.

If you are a special/transient student, you should receive an admission package from Office of Undergraduate Admission. In it, there is information about setting up your own Georgia Tech email and computer account. It is your responsibility to set up your own computer account which enables you to have access to LMS (Learning Management System) platform (currently Canvas) where online teaching will take place. (Russian online courses may use a separate platform besides Canvas. Contact your instructor for more information).

If something goes wrong with setting up your own computer account, please contact Undergraduate Admission Office. Your instructor will contact you through Georgia Tech email, so make sure to set up your Georgia Tech email account correctly. If your email does not work for some reason, provide your instructor with a working email address. If you have registered through Georgia Tech Professional Education, please contact your instructor directly and let him/her know your correct email address.

How can I get an overload into an online course that is full?

Overloads are not issued. Priority is given to Georgia Tech students.

Do all online courses have a requirement for the minimum number of students?

Yes, courses have a minimum requirement. If there are not enough students registered, the class may be canceled.

I took your online course in the last semester as a special student, but my university/college says they still have not received my grade. Do I need to do something to get the academic transcript for the course I took?

Yes. Georgia Tech is not permitted to release any student records, including your grades, to other institutions unless the student initiates the request. Please contact the Georgia Tech Office of the Registrar and request your transcript to be sent to your home institution.