Application and Scholarship ( China LBAT)

Application Deadline: February 1, 2024

  • Space is limited! Apply online through the Office of International Education (OIE)


Non-Georgia Tech Student (Transient) Application Hints

  • Apply Online (Step One to get an ID and login takes one week):
  • Complete 2 application steps, and there are items that you must mail in to OIE. Detailed instructions are on the OIE website, with a checklist on page 6  of the Transient/Special Instruction Packet. Other forms are also in this packet to be completed with signatures from your university.
  • Apply in the specific order listed on the OIE website in order to be given an ID and log in to complete the process (start early since it takes a week to get the ID and login).
  • The complete application deadline for CHINA LBAT is Feb. 1, 2024. No late applications from transients can be considered - the application is turned off then. You need to have done your footwork more than a week in advance to work through all the info to apply.