Languages: Russian: Courses

Fall 2015

RUSS 1001 - Elementary Russian I (Myshkin)

An introduction to Russian language and culture. First half of a survey of basic Russian grammar and the development of the four language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The course includes an orientation to aspects of everyday life in Russia. Humanities credit awarded upon successful completion of RUSS 1002 or RUSS 2001.
4.000 Credit hours

RUSS 2001 - Intermediate Russian I (Goldberg/Khapaeva)

A review and extension of basic grammar with intensive vocabulary-building and focus on development of idiom on the basis of conversation, reading, and writing activities. Includes reading and discussion of stories and magazine articles of general cultural interest with follow-up composition assignments. Humanites credit.

3.000 Credit hours and 1.00 Credit hour conversation section (recommended)

RUSS 3001 - Advanced Russian I (Goldberg/Khapaeva)

First half of advanced courses in Russian conversation and composition. Discussion of controversial issues with the goal of self expression in coherent paragraphs. Advanced grammar topics. Humanites credit.
3.000 Credit hours

RUSS 3005 - Russian for Heritage Speakers (Goldberg/Khapaeva)

Russian-language communication skills for heritage speakers. Focus on grammar and orthography, stylistics of adult/professional communication. Reading, discussion and writing on contemporary topics. Taught in Russian.

3.000 Credit hours

RUSS 3222 - The Russian Twentieth Century in Literature & Film (Goldberg)

Russia’s dramatic history explored in literature and film. Discussion of historical and cultural context, aesthetics, structure and meaning. Reading and discussion in English. Humanites credit.
3.000 Credit hours

RUSS 4813 - Special Topics. Russian Imperial Dreams: Origins of the Ukrainian Crisis (Khapaeva)

The Russian imperial imagination is explored as revealed in novels, films and media and is analyzed to give insight into the high level of public support for the occupation of Crimea and the war in Ukraine. Conducted in Russian.
3.000 Credit hours