German Language for Business and Technology (LBAT)

The German Language for Business and Technology (LBAT) program provides an academically rigorous and culturally exciting experience for students who have completed GRMN 2002 or have provided evidence of equivalent credit. The five-week-long program is based in two major German cities, each representative of unique local cultures fused with international influences: Munich and the capital Berlin. Students explore regional perspectives on lifestyles, history, and traditions as well as from an industrial point of view. Numerous visits to German companies, historic sites, and excursions to surrounding areas and cities provide an integrative experience for our students that provides them with an in-depth experience of different cultural and professional settings in Germany.

The German LBAT program can be combined with the Vienna Early Immersion Program (see below). The LBAT program enables students to make significant progress towards a German minor or major during the summer.

For detailed information on the specific courses, logistics, cost, and academic coursework of the program, please see the LBAT Germany page.

Early Immersion: German in Vienna

Early Immersion: German in Vienna offers an intensive immersion experience. The program covers the entire 2nd-year language curriculum in six weeks, accelerating students into the advanced level of German after less than one year of study. Students complete GRMN 2001 and GRMN 2002, making them eligible to join the final portion of the German LBAT (information above) and fast-track to complete a minor or major as early as their second year.

In this program, you will build advanced language, leadership skills, and career preparation alongside unparalleled opportunities to experience global culture and history. Students are expected to speak German throughout the program and take every opportunity to experiment with the language to improve their skills. Early Immersion offers a supportive and fun environment that will transform your speaking ability.