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Title: Paperless Text: Digital Storytelling in Latin America and Spain (1976-2016). Special Issue of Letras Hispanas
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: December 2015

In this special issue of Letras Hispanas we bring together a collection of interventions that illustrate a variety of ways of approaching digital storytelling, from multidisciplinary perspectives, by a new generation of scholars working on this field. While the contributions to this special issue vary considerably in terms of the primary materials they analyze and the critical approaches they employ, there are several identifiable tendencies that allow us to divide these interventions into three major trajectories. A first set of articles deals with the evolving relationship between electronic narrative and print media, analyzing examples of crossover between the two spheres. A second trajectory among the contributions to this volume examines specific digital media technologies and the new genres and modes of expression they have engendered. The third and final set of contributions focuses on the ways digital communities and social networks have impacted literary practice and creative expression in the Spanish-speaking world.

Keywords: Digital Storytelling, Digital Media, E-Literature, E-Genres, Social Networks, Latin America, Spain 

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External Contributors: Phillip Penix-Tadsen
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