Yi-Hsien Stephanie Ho

Lecturer of Chinese

Member Of:
  • School of Modern Languages
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Yi-Hsien Stephanie Ho received her M.A of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language of Chinese Culture University Graduate Institute and she is certificated of teaching Chinese as a second language by Taiwan Ministry of Education, Beijing Language and Culture University and National Taiwan University.

She is a senior instructor from National Taiwan University International Chinese Language Program (ICLP ) and has taught in all levels of Chinese. She was the lecturer in Chinese Programs  of  University of Massachusetts Amherst, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, and UC Berkeley Business Chinese Summer Program, US Flagship overseas program.  In 2010 summer, she was the lecturer of South America Chinese Teachers Training Work shop by Overseas Compatriot Commission of R.O.C (Taiwan) at Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru. Her teaching interests include all levels Chinese, News Chinese, modern novels, Chinese films, and business Chinese, Teacher training, Classroom activities, Second language acquisition, Language teaching methodologies.

Research Fields:
  • Chinese
  • CHIN-1001: Elementary Chinese I
  • CHIN-1002: Elementary Chinese II
  • CHIN-1011: Accelerated Elem Chin I
  • CHIN-1012: Accelerated Elem Chin II
  • CHIN-1813: Special Topics
  • CHIN-2001: Intermediate Chinese I
  • CHIN-2011: Accelerated Inter Chin I
  • CHIN-2012: Accelerated Intm Chin II
  • CHIN-2813: Special Topics