Jong Hyun Lee

Senior Lecturer of Korean

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  • School of Modern Languages
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Completing his master’s degree in English linguistics at Yonsei University in Seoul, Jong Hyun Lee started working at a multi-national company specializing in speech and language technologies.  His specialty at the company was planning edutainment products featuring speech recognition and language technologies targeting at English language learners.  His academic interest in speech and language technology led him to Carnegie Mellon University, where he further studied the technology and earned another master’s degree in Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL).  His current research interest includes features and computational semantics, automaticity in language learning, and multimedia contents for education.

Areas of
  • Language Learning
  • Multimedia
  • Speech & Language Technologies


Research Fields:
  • Instructional Technologies for Foreign Language Acquisition
  • Korean
  • Linguistics
  • Studies Abroad


  • KOR-1001: Elementary Korean I
  • KOR-1002: Elementary Korean II
  • KOR-2001: Intermediate Korean I
  • KOR-2002: Intermediate Korean II
  • KOR-2692: Intens Intermed Kor II
  • KOR-2813: Special Topics
  • KOR-2823: Special Topics
  • KOR-3691: Business Korean
  • KOR-3692: Issues & Tech In Korea
  • KOR-3693: Exploring Modern Korea
  • KOR-4001: Contemporary Korean
  • KOR-4002: Select Rdngs Of Mod Kor
  • KOR-4692: Korean Industry

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