Aki Matsushima

Lecturer of Japanese

Member Of:
  • School of Modern Languages
Office Location:
Swann 332

Aki Matsushima (M.Ed., University of West Georgia) is an Instructor of Japanese. She has also been President of Georgia Association of Teachers of Japanese (2002-2003).

She also teaches Japanese Language Arts to junior high school students at Georgia Japanese Language School.

She has been studying the art of tea ceremony since 2000.

Research Fields:
  • Japanese
  • JAPN-1001: Elementary Japanese I
  • JAPN-1002: Elementary Japanese II
  • JAPN-2001: Intermediate Japanese I
  • JAPN-2002: Intermediate Japanese II
  • JAPN-3001: Advanced Japanese I
  • JAPN-3691: Tech & Scientific Japn
  • JAPN-3692: Business Japanese
  • JAPN-4163: Japn Literature Culture