Caroline Machado

Lecturer of Portuguese & Spanish

Member Of:
  • School of Modern Languages
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Caroline Machado has two Master of Arts degrees, in Applied Linguistics and in Spanish, from Georgia State University where she started teaching her native language, Portuguese, as well as Spanish. She enjoys sharing her culture with her students while teaching her language. She has also taught English as a Foreign Language in her native country, Brazil, for many years. She believes that learning languages is the most important step towards immersing in a new culture and becoming a global citizen.


Research Fields:
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish


  • PORT-1001: Elementary Portuguese I
  • PORT-1002: Elementary Portuguese II
  • PORT-1501: Heritage Portuguese I
  • PORT-2001: Intermediate Portuguese I
  • SPAN-1001: Elementary Spanish I
  • SPAN-1002: Elementary Spanish II
  • SPAN-2001: Intermediate Spanish I
  • SPAN-2002: Intermediate Spanish II
  • SPAN-3040: Pract. App. Span Grammar
  • SPAN-3064: Medical Spanish
  • SPAN-6510: Language Practicum