Julie Hugonny

Visiting Assistant Professor

Member Of:
  • School of Modern Languages
Office Location:
Swann 222
Office Hours:
Monday and Friday, 1pm-2pm
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Personal Pronouns:
She, her, hers

Julie Hugonny earned her Ph.D. in French literature from New York University in 2014. Her dissertation, The Last Man. Apocalyptic science fiction literature from the nineteenth century to World War I, deals with disasters, epidemics, devolution and the end of the world.

She is now a Visiting Assistant Professor of French at Georgia Tech.

Her teaching and research interests are:

- Science and fiction in literature and film

- Nineteenth-century French and English literature: realism, romanticism, fantastic tales and the supernatural

- Depictions of monsters and the monstrous in popular culture

- Film studies

She is currently working on reworking her dissertation for publication.

  • PhD in French Literature, New York University (2014)
  • MA in French Literature, University of Illinois in Chicago (2008)
  • MA in English Literature, Université de Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle (2005)
  • MA in French Literature, Université de Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle (2005)
Areas of
  • 19th-century French And English Fiction, Literature And Poetry
  • Film Studies. Analysis, History And Basic Film-making
  • Introduction To Interpretation And Translation
  • Monsters And The Monstrous In French And English Literature, Popular Culture And Film
  • Post-apocalyptic Fiction
  • Science Fiction In Literature, Culture And Film


Research Fields:
  • Clean Energy
  • Climate Change Mitigation
  • Communication
  • Digital Media
  • Energy, Climate and Environmental Policy
  • Environmental Ethics
  • Ethics and Philosophy of Science and Technology
  • French
  • Instructional Technologies for Foreign Language Acquisition
  • Literary and Cultural Studies
  • Media Studies
  • Science and Technology Studies
  • Studies Abroad
  • Voluntary Programs
  • Europe
  • Europe - United Kingdom
  • North America
  • United States
  • Gender
  • Accessibility
  • Cinema Studies
  • Community engagement
  • Cross-Cultural Understanding
  • Development of Literacies
  • Digital Humanities
  • Education
  • Environmental Performance
  • Ethical Practices in Contemporary Contexts
  • Feminism
  • Film History and Theory
  • Foreign Policy
  • Francophone Studies
  • Future of the Liberal Arts
  • Heritage Language Learning
  • Human/Machine Interaction
  • Impacts and Consequences of Race/Ethnicity
  • Inequality, Inequity, and Social Justice
  • International Communication
  • Language Acquisition
  • Language and Popular Culture
  • Languages in Contact
  • Literary Theory
  • Literature
  • Media
  • Mediatized Culture
  • Philosophy
  • Sustainability
  • Women’s Leadership


  • FREN-1001: Elementary French I
  • FREN-1002: Elementary French II
  • FREN-2001: French Culture I
  • FREN-3000: Survey of French Lit
  • FREN-3001: French Lit 1800-1850
  • FREN-3014: Intro To Contemp France
  • FREN-3040: Reading and Translation
  • FREN-3121: Advanced Composition
  • FREN-4064: Sustainable Development

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