5-Year BS/MS in Applied Languages and Intercultural Studies

The 5-year BS/MS-ALIS allows students majoring in Applied Languages and Intercultural Studies (ALIS) to continue their studies beyond the undergraduate level and gain an advanced degree (MS-ALIS) that qualifies them for leadership positions in a variety of careers, including management, international business, globally oriented design and engineering, and communications.

The 5-year BS/MS-ALIS program currently available in Spanish. Projected language tracks include: French (2020), German (2020), Chinese (2021), Japanese (2021), and Russian (2021).

Degree Requirements

Students in the BS/MS program will remain undergraduates until they meet requirements for the undergraduate degree, at which point they will receive their BS degree and be changed to graduate status. Students will then complete the requirements for the MS-ALIS degree.

Students participating in this program will be eligible for the six semester credit-hour Graduate Course Option, which allows students completing both the bachelor's and master's in the same discipline to use up to 6 credit hours of graduate-level coursework in the major discipline for both degrees.

Please see the sample academic map for additional information.

Eligibility & Application Requirements

Students currently enrolled in the BS-ALIS degree may apply for the 5-year BS/MS. Eligibility for students enrolled in BS-IAML and BS-GEML is underway. Students may apply to complete an MS-ALIS in Spanish even if their BS-ALIS concentration is in a language other than Spanish, provided they meet the application requirements.

Deadline: Students must apply for the MS-ALIS at least two academic semesters (Fall & Spring) before their anticipated graduation date, so they can be accepted and enroll in SPAN 6500 (Intercultural Seminar), which serves as both the BS-ALIS capstone and an MS-ALIS core course, in the spring of their final year of BS-level study.

Application Requirements:

  1. Recommendation by two faculty members in the School of Modern Languages
  2. GPA of 3.0 or higher in all BS-ALIS Spanish coursework
  3. Spanish Oral proficiency of least Intermediate High according to the standards set by the American Council of the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). Please monitor this website for details about obtaining proficiency assessments.
  4. Application materials as specified for MS-ALIS admissions.

If you are interested in applying for the BS/MS-ALIS, please contact Jenny Strakovsky, Assistant Director of Graduate Programs to receive details about application procedures during the Fall semester. Students are also strongly encouraged to speak with faculty who can serve as potential advisors or recommenders as early as possible.

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