Climate Fresk

October 24, 2023, 3:30 pm - 6:30 pm

GT-Europe Library

Come learn about climate change, discuss options for the future, and get excited to take action with guest Léa Ovet, engineer and Climate Fresk facilitator, and SLS-France Director, Assistant Professor Stepanov.

Start Taking Action

The Climate Fresk Facilitator Session trains individuals to become Climate Fresk facilitators. Upon completion of this training, you will have the ability to lead workshops for friends, family, neighbors, and anyone you choose. Additionally, you will become a part of the facilitator community and have the opportunity to participate in various events organized by the NGO.

About the Speaker

Léa Ovet is an AgroParisTech engineer specializing in climate and environmental management. After a year traveling around the Mediterranean basin, meeting various actors involved in adapting to climate change, she became aware of the urgency of the current ecological crisis and decided to devote her professional life to the fight against climate change and the preservation of other planetary boundaries.

Her professional experience with Blue Choice, the decarbonization strategy consulting firm, has given her a wide vision of the challenges facing different sectors. As a result, she now works for all kinds of companies, as well as public institutions, organizing training sessions based on the Climate Fresk within these organizations and helping participants understand the issues in their own sector and their power to take action. 

She facilitates workshops on environmental issues, such as the Climate and Biodiversity Fresks, and their related levers of action, such as Inventing our Low-Carbon Lives and 2-Tonnes.


Léa Ovet est ingénieure AgroParisTech, spécialisée en climat et gestion de l’environnement. Après une année de voyage autour du bassin méditerranéen à rencontrer des acteurs de l’adaptation au changement climatique, elle prend conscience de l’urgence des crises écologiques actuelles et décide de consacrer sa vie professionnelle à la lutte contre le changement climatique et à la préservation des autres limites planétaires.

Son expérience professionnelle dans le cabinet de conseil en stratégie de décarbonation Blue Choice, lui a donné une vision large des enjeux des différents secteurs. Cela lui permet aujourd’hui de travailler pour tous types d’entreprises, mais aussi pour les pouvoirs publics, en organisant des déploiements de la fresque du climat au sein de ces organisations, en aidant les participants à comprendre les enjeux de leur propre secteur, et leur pouvoir d’action. 

Elle anime à la fois des ateliers sur le constat, comme les fresques du climat, de la biodiversité, mais aussi sur les leviers d’action, comme inventons nos vies bas carbones et 2 tonnes.

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