Amanda Weiss

Interim Director of Graduate Studies, Associate Professor of Japanese

Member Of:
  • School of Modern Languages
Office Location: Swann 314
Office Hours: Mondays 10 am-12 noon
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Amanda Weiss is Associate Professor of Japanese at Georgia Institute of Technology, where she teaches courses on Japanese media and society. She is also editor and founder of Hivemind: Global Speculative Fiction, a science fiction and fantasy magazine with a focus on language and culture. She leads a VIP or Vertically Integrated Project in East Asian Media, with student projects that have included archival work, translation, photography, and media analysis. Her book, Han Heroes and Yamato Warriors: Competing Masculinities in Chinese and Japanese War Cinema (Hong Kong University Press, 2023), explores contemporary East Asian remembrance of WWII. She is currently completing a textbook on learning Japanese through Anime Studies with co-authors Aya McDaniel and Yuko Ogawa.

Prior to her work at Georgia Tech, Amanda taught at Earlham College and held a Postdoctoral Fellowship at Emory University's Bill and Carol Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry. She has also conducted research at the University of Southern California, the Beijing Film Academy (Fulbright), the University of Cambridge, and the University of Tokyo.

  • University of Tokyo, Ph.D. Information Studies
  • Cambridge University, M.Phil. Chinese
  • University of Southern California, B.A. Film Production and Chinese
Awards and
  • Fulbright Grant (China) 2006-2007
Areas of
  • Chinese Cinema
  • Collective Memory
  • Cultural Studies
  • Film Studies
  • Japanese Cinema
  • Media Studies
  • Transnational Film


Research Fields:
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Literary and Cultural Studies
  • Media Studies
  • Asia (East)
  • Gender
  • Cinema Studies
  • East-Asian Studies
  • History and Memory
  • Literature
  • Media
  • Television Studies


  • FREN-6503: Professional Portfolio
  • GRMN-6503: Professional Portfoilio
  • JAPN-1001: Elementary Japanese I
  • JAPN-2002: Intermediate Japanese II
  • JAPN-3001: Advanced Japanese I
  • JAPN-3401: Popular Culture in Japan
  • JAPN-3691: Tech & Scientific Japn
  • JAPN-3693: Japan Today
  • JAPN-4113: Adv Reading & Listening
  • JAPN-4173: Anime: Culture&Society
  • JAPN-4183: JAPN Cul/Soc Thru Songs
  • JAPN-4193: Documentary Cul/Society
  • JAPN-6173: Anime Culture & Society
  • JAPN-6183: Songs: Culture & Society
  • JAPN-6193: JAPN Cul & Soc Thr Doc
  • ML-2500: Intro Cross-Cult Studies
  • SPAN-6503: Professional Portfolio

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