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Gender and Race Studies

Posted February 15, 2018

Among the responses to the Ivan Allen College Student-Led Listening Sessions held by the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts last fall, Dean Royster has pulled together a comprehensive list of class offerings in the College that integrate race and genders studies. Following is a list of both undergraduate and graduate classes for 2018.

Courses that incorporate race and gender studies reflect on the theoretical and practical dimensions of diversity. The courses are taught in our schools of Literature, Media, and Communication (LMC), Public Policy , Economics (ECON), History and Sociology (HSOC), and Modern Languages. Students are encouraged to explore values associated with gender differences, the global economy, race and ethnicity, social justice, and science, technology, and engineering as social and cultural forces. These courses are intended to help students develop their understanding of not only gender issues, but inequalities of race and class as well.

For the summary of course offerings, visit the Undergraduate Programs and Graduate webpages. 


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