News: Job Opportunity: Software Engineer - Natural Language Understanding @ SoundHound

Posted September 8, 2017

Company: SoundHound

Position: Software Engineer - Natural Language Understanding (French, Japanese, Korean, or Spanish)

Role: You will be learning and using the most advanced technologies in the fields of Natural Language Understanding, Speech, Search, and AI, all built in-house here at SoundHound over the past 10 years.

We’ve worked hard to build a platform that enables individual developers to implement deep natural language user experiences very rapidly, often within days.  These user experiences will be showcased within our Hound app, and made available to other developers via the Houndify platform, enabling them to power billions of devices and applications.

Your work will directly contribute to a revolution in the way people interact with the devices around them: by speaking naturally.

Visit to learn more about the positions.

How to Apply: Anyone interested can submit their resume online but it is recommended that they also send their resumes directly to Lisa Rutta at with the Subject: “SW Engr - LANGUAGE APPLICANT, <your name, your language>.