Student Career Paths

The School of Modern Languages has taken into account the impact of foreign languages in today’s multicultural society and the increasing demand for well-rounded professionals in a global workforce. Coursework in Modern Languages not only addresses the skills necessarily to develop communication abilities in a foreign language, but also addresses scientific, technical, and societal issues and practices in cultures outside of the U.S., developing the language skills and cultural knowledge needed for students to pursue a number of different careers.  Our graduates have gone on to work both domestically and abroad for multinational corporations, government agencies, non-profits, and a number of U.S.-based companies. They have pursued diverse career paths as consultants, analysts, project managers, lawyers, teachers, etc. The School offers multiple programs to support these pursuits:

  • Bachelor of Science in Applied Languages and Intercultural Studies (ALIS)
  • Bachelor of Science in International Affairs and Modern Languages (IAML)
  • Bachelor of Science in Global Economics and Modern Languages (GEML)
  • Language for Business and Technology Studies Abroad (LBAT)
  • Minors and certificates in different languages
  • International Plan, which offers internship opportunities for engineering and technology students

Please visit the Ivan Allen College Careers page for more information about career opportunities available to our graduates.