Latin America Today (Global at Home Program)



Program Director:

Dr. Paul Alonso
Associate Professor of Spanish,
School of Modern Languages


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Latin America Today - Media, Culture, and Democracy


Global At Home Latin America Today flyer

Program Overview


Latin America Today - Media, Culture, and Democracy

Online Global at Home Program
Late Summer (Five Weeks) June 21 - July 26, 2021 
6 Credits: Open to ALIS, IAML, and GEML majors and Spanish minors
Program Fee: 
$200 USD (plus $45 pay directly for international conversations service)

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Program Description
This online Global at Home Program examines the relation of media and culture with the evolution of contemporary Latin American democracies, focusing on the cases of Argentina, Peru, Chile and Mexico. Through the analysis and discussion of multimedia materials, virtual presentations by international guest-speakers, and conversation sessions with international native speakers, students will analyze the role of journalism, popular culture, digital alternative media and artistic trends shaping the debates about current socio-political tensions in the region.

SPAN 3235, 3 Credits Latin America Today
How do social, economic, and political tensions of 21st century Latin America impact contemporary cultural trends in the region? Focusing on the cases of Argentina, Peru, Chile and Mexico, this course offers an overview of Latin American creative expression and its syncretic popular culture phenomena.

SPAN 4410, 3 Credits Media & Power in Latin America
After the military dictatorships of the 70s and the wave of democratization during the 80s, what have been the challenges to develop an independent press and democratic media in the region? This course explores the tensions between media and power in relation to the struggle for freedom of expression in Latin American democracies.