Modern Languages Student Advisory Committee

1Thalia Tyson (Korean)

Thalia Tyson was born in Orlando, Florida and has since lived in numerous cities around the country. Growing up, her exposure to various cultures ignited her passion for foreign languages and travel. She attended Little Rock Central High School, a national historic site, and graduated at age 16 from Chapel Hill High School, participating in each school's respective International Studies Magnet programs.

As an Applied Languages & Intercultural Studies major with a Korean concentration and minor in International Affairs, she has been afforded the opportunity to study three critical languages, both on campus and abroad, and completed undergraduate research under the tutelage of world-class faculty. In her years at the Institute, she has worked at the Georgia Tech Language Institute and been an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., African Student Association, Yellow Jacket Fencing Club, Global Leadership Living Learning Community, and served on the Martin Luther King Student Board, among other endeavors. Her hobbies include cooking, yoga, and documenting everyday life.



Teresa Flynn (Japanese)2

Teresa is a current 3rd year student majoring in International Affairs and Modern Languages with a concentration in Japanese. In addition to her studies, Teresa is also a member of the International Ambassadors at Georgia Tech club, Omicron Delta Kappa leadership honor society, and is a co-instructor of the Tech Taido Karate club. She is very passionate about language learning and is super excited to help promote the School of Modern Languages!



3Hauke Dell (German)

3rd Year Double Major - Mechanical Engineering and ALIS for German. Germany LBAT II in Summer 2019. Currently working at Porsche Cars North America (PCNA) in Atlanta as Intern in AfterSales Department. I'm hoping to finish both undergrad degrees soon and pursue my Graduate degree in ME while tying in some sort of study abroad program in Germany.



Yasmeen Herb (Chinese)4

Yasmeen is a third-year International Affairs and Modern Languages major with a concentration in Chinese. During her time at Georgia Tech, she spent a year studying at the University of Granada. Outside of Tech, she is active with Rotary Youth Exchange in Georgia and is a member of Georgia Rotex. She is excited to serve current and prospective students in Modern Languages at Tech through the Student Advisory Committee!



5Angela Howard (Russian)

Angela Howard is a 2nd year International Affairs and Modern Languages Major (concentrating in Russian) and a Stamps President's Scholar. She is a member of the Georgia Tech Russian Club, Ivan Allen College Student Advisory Board, GT Model United Nations, GT Women's Recruitment Team, and Paper Airplanes English Tutoring Program. Angela also serves as an undergraduate research assistant for a team studying sustainable megaregion development and as assistant editor for College English. In her free time, she likes to bike, play cards, and meet new people--and she would be happy to talk with you about anything ML or IAC!



Samuel Weiss-Cowie (Korean/Linguistics)6

Sammy is a third-year double majoring in ALIS (Korean) and neuroscience, with a minor in linguistics. He went on the Korean LBAT in 2019 and actively participates in language exchange at the Georgia Tech Language Institute. He is also passionate about research, doing work in Korean, linguistics, and neuroscience. He has given presentations at the Linguistic Society of America (LSA) and American Association of Teachers of Korean (AATK) annual meetings. His linguistics work with Korean faculty member Seung-Eun Chang has also been published in the International Journal of Bilingualism. He hopes to build upon his experience at the School of Modern Languages by conducting research about the neuroscience of language.


7Fuad Youssef (MENAS)

My name is Fuad Youssef, and I am a CS and Chinese double major with a MENAS (Arabic) minor. I've long believed that to change the world, you must first understand it, and the key to doing so is through language. As a result, I have long been passionate about learning languages and encourage everyone to take any opportunity they are offered to do so.

Zachary Hopton (Linguistics)8
My name is Zach Hopton, and I'm from Woodstock, Georgia. I've been fascinated by language since long before I got to college, and by choosing to come to GT, I've had the chance to study it from any number of perspectives. Now, I'm in my final semester here at Tech, and I'll be graduating in May with degrees in ALIS (French) & Psychology, as well as a minor in linguistics. During my time here, I've managed to take advantage of countless opportunities like study abroad, student organizations, and research, tying my love for language into every one of them!



9Jonas Chan (Spanish)

My name is Jonas Chan, and I am a second year with a major in Applied Languages & Intercultural Studies (Spanish) major, a minor in Health & Medical Sciences, and a pre-medical track concentration. I like to describe this combination as a little bit of the best of both humanities and sciences. Outside of being a representative for MLSAC, I am also a member of International Ambassadors at Georgia Tech. Furthermore, I dedicate my time as the Branding & Public Relations lead for Women of Earth, a nonprofit focused on social activism for women, traditional midwives, environmentalism, and humanitarian crises. In my free time, I love learning languages, making art, and trying out new restaurants with friends.



Sophie Goguillon (Spanish)10

My name is Sophie Goguillon. I am an International Affairs major with a double minor in Spanish and Middle Eastern & North African Studies. Going to an International high school and growing up in a bilingual household, I have always had a passion for languages, and the school of Modern Languages has allowed me to pursue this passion!



11Samyuktha Sundararajan (French)

My name is Samyuktha Sundararajan, a 3rd year International Affairs and Modern Languages major, who aims to specialize in sustainable development in the future. I’ve been studying French for 10 years and I’m learning Japanese as well. I also have a passion for dance and music, and I love learning about different dance forms and music styles from different countries. I hope to combine my love for other cultures and my love for development and sustainability by working for international organizations interested in development.



Celine Guenther (German)12

Hi, my name is Celine Guenther and I’m a third-year International Affairs and Modern Languages major with a concentration in German. I am also working towards a certificate in Marketing. Outside of school I compete on and am the vice president of the Georgia Tech Mock Trial team. I’m so excited to be a part of the School of Modern Languages Student Advisory Committee and work alongside my peers!



Laila Jarrad (French)

Laila is a 4th year International Affairs and Modern Languages student with a concentration in French. Born in Sweden to Arab parents and having lived in the United States for most of her life, Laila was exposed to many different cultures which led to her passion for international studies and languages, particularly French. Being one of the top students for French throughout middle and high school, she continued this passion at Georgia Tech and is now part of the Modern Languages Student Advisory Committee. Laila told us: "I am very excited to be a student advisor for modern languages at Georgia Tech! Working alongside committee members who each have a passion for their language of concentration contributes to Tech's diverse yet united community." Laila is also hoping to expand her language skills in not only French, but other European languages such as Italian or Spanish. Laila says: "I strongly encourage everyone to learn more than one language as it is culturally enriching and there are so many cognitive benefits." Because of this, Laila has considered becoming a foreign language teacher with hopes of sharing her passion for languages among younger students, as well as help them discover other interests before they graduate. As a concluding statement, Laila told us: "Initially, I was studying engineering here at Georgia Tech. But my passion for language and culture was rekindled here as well, thanks to the amazing Modern Language program and the numerous opportunities given to become successful. All I want to do is empower other students to continue their interests and discover new passions—and that's exactly what I hope to achieve as a student advisor and future teacher.”



Joyce Karanouh-Schuler (MENAS)