Wei Wang

Teaching Postdoc of Chinese

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  • School of Modern Languages
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Savant Building 312
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Wei Wang's research mainly consists of two lines. One line is using a functional perspective to investigate natural language, especially those newly emerging uses and patterns. She focuses on how new uses are shaped by grammar, context, as well as social interaction. Currently she is working on prosody in conversation, particularly the interplay between prosody and function. Her dissertation, Prosody and Functions of Discourse Markers in Mandarin Conversation, reveals that different functions of discourse markers have distinctive prosodic manifestation.

    The other line of her research centers on language pedagogy and second language learners' pragmatic development. She is enthusiastic to narrow the gap between linguistic research and language teaching, and has developed teaching materials based on her research findings, such as perception and production exercises to improve students pragmatic competence. She has published a paper on teaching Mandarin discourse markers, in which she advocates the integration of prosody in language teaching.

    Wei Wang has taught all levels of Mandarin Chinese classes, as well as content courses on Chinese linguistics, applied linguistics, and Chinese language and culture. She is interested in exploring instructional technology and has developed digital course materials for her language classes.



  • PhD in Chinese Linguistics, UCLA (2017)
  • MPhil in Linguistics, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (2012)
  • BA in Chinese Language and Literature, Peking University (2010)
Areas of
  • Chinese Linguistics
  • Conversation Analysis
  • Corpus Linguistics
  • Discourse Grammar
  • Language Pedagogy
  • Second Language Pragmatics
Research Fields:
  • Chinese
  • Linguistics
  • CHIN-1002: Elementary Chinese II
  • CHIN-2002: Intermediate Chinese II
  • CHIN-2011: Accelerated Inter Chin I
  • LING-3823: Special Topics
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