Shohko Yanagisawa

Lecturer of Japanese

Member Of:
  • School of Modern Languages
Office Location:
Swann 333

Shohko Yanagisawa joined the School of Modern Languages as a Japanese language lecturer in 2015. She earned her M.A. in Japanese from Purdue University in 2014, where she went on to teach Japanese. She also taught at Middlebury College’s Japanese Language School. Her research interests include pragmatics such as Japanese honorifics. She enjoys crocheting, playing volleyball, and cooking. 

Research Fields:
  • Japanese
  • JAPN-1001: Elementary Japanese I
  • JAPN-1002: Elementary Japanese II
  • JAPN-2001: Intermediate Japanese I
  • JAPN-2002: Intermediate Japanese II
  • JAPN-3001: Advanced Japanese I
  • JAPN-4113: Adv Reading & Listening
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